Winning Craps Tips for Beginners and New Players

If you are a first time player, the first thing you will notice with the game of craps is how complicated it looks, just by the display of the table layout and all the fancy terms and jargon that you will see players use. Once you actually know even the basics, the game will become even easier to understand entirely and the bets will become much simpler to work with.

Tip 1 – The first word of advice is to learn how to play craps effectively. By learning the game, I mean understanding what each bet does and also learn what craps words mean as well. Click the links to read everything about the basics of the game and what everything is. Not only will you know how to place bets, but you will also learn which bets are good and what ones are bad. This is the biggest mistake of new players. It is also wide to ignore superstitions and false advice from other players who may not know what they are doing either.

Tip 2 – I would recommend staying away from proposition bets. Once you learn about the bets, you will know that the proposition wagers are those bets in the center of the table with names such as: snake eyes, boxcars, any craps, big red and etc. All of these have very large house edge, which means the casino will be taking a lot more money from you. Some casinos have different rules though, so these bets can actually become the best ones in the house. Though, you should stay away from these bets until your knowledge of the game is solid and you know which rules are good or not, which are explained on the pages here.

Tip 3Learn how to use good etiquette in craps. Not only will this make your experience at a real craps table more enjoyable, it will also avoid unintended casino security problems, such as unintentionally walking away from the table with the dice in your hands for example and having the casino get worried that you might be switching the dice with fixed ones!

Tip 4 – A good idea is to watch what everyone is doing on the craps table if you are unfamiliar. There is nothing wrong with walking up and just watching the game all night long. It is not a requirement that players must wager money on every roll of the dice either, so it is definitely good advice not to rush into the game or play too quickly.

Tip 5 – Take advantage of the free odds bet. You can use this bet once you learn about the come bet or the pass line bet. They pay out true odds, which means the casino has no house edge! If you don’t know what it means to be paid true odds, this would be something to study up on with our guides. When you get the knowledge and advance from a beginner to a more experience player, you will truly appreciate what true odds are and how craps is a one of a kind game that you will not find anywhere else. Not just in terms of fun and excitement but in mathematical odds and great chances of winning.