No house edge for “big red” and any seven bets

Big red and any sevens is basically the same bet. When a player wagers on this bet, they are betting that the shooter will roll a seven on the very next roll, making this a single roll wager. If you win on the come out roll with a 7, players usually will win $4 for ever $1 bet or 4:1 payout odds. This leaves a huge house edge of 16.67% which makes this bet the worst one in the house and one of the worst ones in any game at the casino!

Wagers with really high house edges like this are usually common with the proposition betting options. The proposition bets are available in that area at the center of the table between the two identical major layouts where the line bets and points are. Basically the propositions are usually indicated with pictures of dice on the table layout and where you are allowed to bet on snake eyes, boxcars, etc.

So the title of this article says “no house edge” right? Well, as a matter of fact, some casinos have different rules that allow for changes in the payout odds. In fact, CasinoMax allows for 5:1 payouts or winning $5 for every $1 bet. Interestingly enough, the odds of rolling a seven have these same odds as well. When the actual odds of rolling something are the same as the payout odds, that means the difference between them is zero. This difference is also the house edge, which would be 0% as well.

This is known as being paid true odds and there is almost no bet in any casino game that will pay out true odds because the casino never profits from it since everyone has fair equal odds of winning. In the long run, everyone breaks even but players have a much better advantage in the short run than they would have with a house edge! Normally the big red 7 bet pays out 4:1 odds but that is why you should always be diligent of the rules because you could catch a hidden gem that not many people would know about. If the casinos alter the rule for this bet, they probably have for a few other bets as well. So if you see something like “any seven pays 5 for 1”, then this is an awesome deal!

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