Learning about how to cheat a craps and cheating techniques

I wrote another article a few days ago about cheating at craps. When I did some research, there was a few interesting techniques that I came across. First of all, I did not know it was so common that people would steal chips from other players at the craps tables. If you did the research, you will find quite a few cases on internet forums, blogs and message boards about people mysteriously losing chips after playing craps.

So how do these thieves get away with it? Usually they wait for inexperienced players and take advantage of their confusion over the game or their lack of attention on their own chips. Other times the crook will wait until there are a lot of people around the table and for the table to get hot. When this happens, people start getting excited and will celebrate loudly and possibly jump around a bit. Usually the focus will all be on the table and on the dice, but not on player’s chips sitting on the rail!

Stealing chips technically isn’t cheating at craps since this can be done in any type of casino and gambling game. The same goes with placing late bets at times when it is unnoticeable. Some of the real cheaters use fixed dice or dice that are rigged to benefit the player. Usually they are shaped differently or have weights inside of them in order to get the dice to land on certain numbers more often than others and you can read in the article how players can get these dice into the game as it is hard to do. There are a ton of ways to rig the dice and I will write an article soon with about 20 different ways to fix the dice.

Still, the safest form of cheating is learning dice control, as I talked about yesterday. Technically and legally, this isn’t cheating and players who can actually master dice setting can earn a lot of real respect, especially among the elite and advanced players. This is also one of the safest forms of “cheating” around because it is nearly impossible to get caught once you got the system down good enough where your throws look flawless and natural.