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Getting more experience at the casino playing this game

Last night I took a drive out to the local casino again to play some craps and get a better hold of the game and the rules. I also played some slots and roulette as well. This time my goal was to try getting better remembering which bets are which and some etiquette. That dictionary of terms would have been very helpful, especially in trying to talk to the dealers. It is helpful to brush up on the game when it is not so busy and you can ask the dealers questions without rushing around.

Like last time, I practiced with the pass line and don’t pass bets and included a few big six bets and big eight bets as well since these were displayed to catch the eye on the table layout. We all know that there is a 1 in 5 chance that the dice will land on 7. The 6 and 8 are the next most frequent dice roll and probabilities are the same for both of these numbers as well. I found that these two bets were different than what many people would assume as well.

All in all, I did come out about $50 and that was because I was playing conservatively with $5 minimum chip bets. As for etiquette observation, I did notice some people placing drinks on the table! Surprisingly, the dealers didn’t say anything, or else they didn’t see it since it was a small glass and the guy had a pile of chips around it. Other than that, it was pretty quiet and not much action. Still, it’s better than losing all of my money and going home with nothing.

Superstitions, legends and voodoo magic in craps

A few days ago I wrote an article on the main site about interesting superstitions and legends in the game of craps. Throughout this article, I wrote about a number of strange superstitions and actions that many people believe will change the luck of the game. Luck itself seems to be a mystery of sorts because you can see it and you can manipulate it, it just seems to happen at random, much like an act of God.

That’s where the voodoo and superstitious beliefs come in. People believe that oddball events can lead to arcane and divine intervention of the game and disrupt the “flow” of luck or the essence of Zen. For example, some people actually believe that if a shooter throws the dice down the table and those dice happen to hit someone’s hands, the luck of the game will change.

Another strange, yet silly legend has to do with the number seven. It is told that the luck will shift if you shout out the name “seven” while you are playing the game. In fact, the correct way to do it is to address “seven” as “it” or “the devil” in order to preserve the good luck on the craps table. There seems to be no logic to it since people are saying words and that shouldn’t affect the physics of rolling dice (unless there is voodoo magic in the works).

There are a number of strange things listed in this article I wrote, including the concept of “Lady Luck” that is known throughout the world and the gambling industry. Many of the superstitions revolve around the number seven and how frequently it will show up depending on what strange actions you take. Theoretically, by that same superstitious logic, you should be able to adjust your bet for or against the number seven whenever you see a luck changing action taking place such as the dice being tossed out of the table.

There is some science to it though, the number 7 on the dice actually is the most frequent number to be rolled because there are more combinations of the dice that can add up to 7 than any other number. The rarest numbers that show up most infrequently are 2 and 12 (snake eyes and box cars). There are some people that don’t understand this but the mathematics are fact in this respect if you look at the odds charts. For most people though, superstition is just a fun element to throw into the game and people will just play along with it because it makes the game more interesting. Either way, the casino is going to win in the long term! So enjoy some fun and go with the “essence” of luck in the short term. – Our New Casino Craps Blog

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This is the first post of’s new blog which is dedicated to the game of craps. This blog will be a new experiment for our site and we hope it will benefit our visitors and make our content more fresh as well. Most importantly, we will try to keep all of the topics generally related to the casino game of craps.

We also have other sites in our “lol” brand, each dedicated to a different type of casino game, much like this one is to craps. Generally, everything we do will have some gambling aspect to it. Our goal is to become the best craps resource on the internet at some point in the future and we will try to keep the blog and our content updated as best we can.

Another goal of ours is to list online casinos of the best quality that offer craps. We will only promote the most reputable sites in the world with the fairest games and the best service, so you never have to feel anxious about it. Our content will try to cover anything from the basic rules, strategies, betting systems, other guides and jargon facts about this game. Our goals will take some time to accomplish due to the huge amount of content and facts that we need to write about the game, so bookmark us and come by every once in awhile and see what’s new.