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Crapless Craps Explained

Crapless craps is also known as "ruse craps" and "never ever craps". This game is actually a variation of regular traditional craps and it is very popular in Mississippi. This history of crapless craps begins at the Stratosphere casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Bob Stupak was the inventor of the game and he wanted to create a game of craps where you could never lose a pass line wager by rolling a craps.

How to Play Crapless Craps

It is called "crapping out" when a player rolls a craps on the come out roll. When you are playing a crapless game, then you can never ever lose this way while making the pass line bet. Normally the best strategy is doing this bet in conjunction with the free odds bet to reduce the house edge and improve your odds as much as possible. When analyzing this scenario, you discover that the crapless craps would bring your edge over the casino in this case. So there has to be some change in other rules like with blackjack variations in order for the casino to make a profit.

Ruse craps (same as crapless) for example works the same as the normal craps game. Any number besides a 7 will be marked as the point number. The difference between the crapless variety and the typical game is when the shooter rolls an 11. Normally you would win, but now you lose on this roll. This brings the odds right back into the house favor. In return, you no longer lose on a 2, 3 or 12. These numbers are known as a craps and you never ever lose on these come out rolls anymore.

Crapless craps also has a major rule change regarding the "don't pass" bet. This bet is actually better than the pass line bet in terms of payouts odds. Although when you play this game, you will not be allowed to make a "don't pass" bet. Personally, this is my favorite bet to use with the free odds because the house advantage is reduced even lower than for the pass line bet.

The odds are still pretty good as the house edge is only 5.4% when doing the pass line bet. You can still do the free odds bet to improve the odds even more too. So instead of having three chances of losing, you only have one losing chance with the 11. Recall from the craps betting charts that the free odds bet still pays true odds as well. The strategy says that the more multiples of bets you make on the free odds, the lower the house edge becomes. That 5.4% house edge can be reduced to lower than one percent or even close to zero percent if you make large free odds bets

Either way, crapless craps is still not as good as the standard craps game, but it is an interesting and fun variety to play. The original game has better odds and you will win more in the long run so keep this in mind, especially if you are a serious craps player.

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