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lol Craps - Learn and Play Casino Craps Online

lol Craps is a site in our "lol" brand that's solely dedicated to the game of craps. "lol" stands for "lots of laughs" to symbolize the exciting entertainment of gambling and "live on line" to symbolize the live high tech world of online gambling. We will try to provide the best possible guide to casino craps and we will strive to become the largest and most informative resource for craps on the internet. Also, the casinos that we will promote here are of the highest quality brands in the world with reputable service and fair game play, not to mention leading edge game software with great graphics and virtual online craps tables. Most importantly, craps is one of the most entertaining and exciting game around, yet it even has some of the best odds you will ever find in a casino!

Learn how to play craps and how betting works

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in existence, but it is also one of the most complicated. Much of the game relies on jargon and strange words that are used solely for this game. Check out the menu links on the right side of the page to find our alphabetically organized craps dictionary where you can learn what each of these words means and how to effectively become a better gambler.

Also check out the links to pages where you can learn about different craps bets and how to actually play the game. Studying the rules is paramount in such a complicated game and it will greatly improve your experience with this game. You can view each available bet here and learn which ones have the best odds and which ones are bad bets. You will easily be able to learn about the probability odds and other secret bets that are not even displayed on the table layout itself.

Play free flash casino craps games online with no downloads required

On this site, you can play craps in a safe environment where you do not have to download software or sign up and register a new username and password with your email. Basically, you can view the free flash craps links on the right and then view the instructions on that page. Just open the link on that page and the game will open up in a separate full screen window right in your browser. That means no more practicing craps in a tiny little applet on other craps sites.

The advantage of playing flash craps is you can get some heavy practicing and experience online. Like they say, practice makes perfect and you can never learn the game by reading about it. You can now actually play the free game and you do not even have to deposit and risk money! This is a perfect way to practice and look at each bet on the table to get some experience. It is also very helpful if you want to learn the game ahead of time if you one day plan on playing craps at a land based casino.

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Informational blog and probability odds charts

Besides the foundational information we have on the links, we also have an online blog with further craps information. The blog also has journals from gaming experience at actual land based casinos and some additional insight on how to become a better player at the brick and mortar casinos as well. We will try to add information about simple bets and scenarios that tend to happen in the game in general.

One of the most important factors in the game is the probabilities and odds of various bets and wagers. Some of the links will have pages displaying charts showing the house edge and true odds of a wide variety of bets. In addition, we also have payout charts which show percentages and ratios of what kind of money gets paid out from the house to the players, which is usually different than fair true odds, except for one amazing bet in the game.

Betting systems and strategies - Bankroll and risk management

There are plenty of great systems out there that people use in betting. Many of these are just patterns or styles of betting that can result in winning more often. Usually the casino wins in the long run, but there are times when you can effectively win in the short term and especially cut down on your losses. Even though the game has some of the best odds, there are bets that have some of the worst odds. That is why strategy is so important to learn in the game and you can save a ton of money.

These same systems are great for bankroll and risk management. For example, the Martingale and Parlay systems are widely famous in the gambling world. They are mathematical systems of betting that effectively manage your bankroll and cut your risks of loss. Some are risky and others are safe and they can be applied to the game of craps. Note that many of these systems require even odds bets or the ones that pays out even money and have nearly 50/50 odds ratios.

There are many other interesting facts and guides on this site as well. We will try to update the site frequently, especially the blog. So please bookmark us and drop by the site once in awhile, especially if you want to study up on some strategies or craps systems and even if you want to play the free flash casino game online. Also check out the blog for special casino bonuses and online promotions that are going on.

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