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Fire Bet in Craps

The fire bet is a somewhat uncommon craps bet. Usually this is a special craps side-bet that players can make over a multi roll period. The payouts are enormous and not all casinos will allow this kind of bet since this one is kind of advanced and is usually used by professionals and experienced players. I will try to explain how the fire bet works and what some of the payouts are.

The goal is to have the shooter go on a hot streak. Players may wager a single chip when the casino allows this bet to be placed. First, a shooter must consecutively roll a number of different points. After each point has been rolled, the dealer will put a "fire" marker on that number. Remember, there are only 6 possible point numbers available: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If three of these numbers became established as point numbers and the dealer rolled and completed those points, there would be three markers on each number. Players still would not win yet.

Once the fourth point has been made, the player will win 24:1 odds. If the fifth point is made, then the payout increases to 249:1 and finally when the last and sixth point number has been made by the shooter, the player will win the entire fire bet and a 999:1 payout. That means $1000 on a single $1 bet. If you wagered $100, you could actually win $100,000!

A few things to note: The shooter must clear the point on each of all six individual numbers. If the shooter kept establishing and making the point on the number 4, even for 10 times in a row, that will only count as one point number. Also, if the shooter rolls a 7, everyone loses the fire bets, the fire markers get replaced and the game starts over again. This is a very exciting side-wager to watch but the odds are slim, though the payouts are generous.

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