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Other Craps Sites and Resources

This page lists other craps-specific websites to visit if you could not find what you were looking for on our own site. We listed some of the best and highest quality sites related to craps including some popular directories that should be useful as well.

Craps Related Sites

  • Dice Coach - Guide to dice setting and rhythm rolling. Learn techniques to improve your dice control skills and improving your craps game. Includes training videos for the basic through advanced topics, and more.

  • Dice Setters - Guide to playing craps and also specializes in the strategy of dice setting and dice control techniques.

  • Dice Busters - Get personal coaching and training for the game of craps, including dice control techniques. Team up with "Dice Coach" Beau Parker (, Deborah Garcia of "Soft Touch" (, and "The Professor" Michael Vernon (

  • Playing for Keeps - Gambling lessons for craps and blackjack.

  • Craps Pit - This is a clean website dedicated to the game of craps. It has been around for awhile and has useful craps information.

  • Craps Guide - has an extensive guide dedicated to the game of craps. Includes many articles covering a wide range of craps topics and playing at the casino.

  • Online Craps Player - An organized site dedicated to the game of craps. Useful information on how to learn and play casino craps.

  • Golden Touch Craps - A richly informative craps site featuring Frank Scoblete. Includes video training and craps guides.

  • Craps Dice Control - This is an old school site that has been around since 1998 and is dedicated to the game of craps and dice control.

  • Wizard of Odds - A trusted mathematical guide related to craps and of course information about odds, statistics and probabilities related to the game.

  • Wikipedia Craps Page - As usual, Wikipedia is a great place to explore knowledge of craps, gambling or anything else. You can learn just about anything related to craps on our own page but you can also check out Wikipedia for other interesting facts as well.

Craps Directories

If you are not satisfied with the sites listed above, view some of these directories below which lists many other craps sites to explore. I provided links to the specific categories for craps so you don't have to hunt through these huge directories looking for the craps directory:

  • DMOZ Craps Directory - DMOZ or also known as ODP (Open Directory Project) has a nice small list of older sites. This list is not entirely updated but there are a few gems to find here.

  • BOTW Craps Gambling Directory - Best of the Web directory tends to be the most updated and contains some of the highest quality craps sites around. Take a look at this directory for newer and updated casino craps sites.

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