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Good Craps Etiquette Tips

The game of craps is actually one of the most popular social casino games. A "social game" is usually a type of game where people gather around a table and play together with a single dealer. This is unlike a slot machine where players have their own personal game to play. With a craps table, there are sometimes huge crowds that gather around the table and often times good etiquette is necessary to have a fun experience. Following these un-spoken rules can easily save a great deal of trouble as well.

Etiquette for buying chips and placing bets

This tip also is related to knowing the rules before playing craps. When making a bet, you don't want to take too much time trying to figure out how to play the game and which bets are good or not. This game is already one of the more complicated games and not all of the players will know exactly what they are doing themselves! If you absolutely need to ask a simple question about the bets, ask the dealer and they will help out.

Now when you want to buy chips at a table, hand your money to one of the base dealers. The dealer will then give the boxman (another type of dealer) your money and they will exchange it for chips that you can use on the craps table. The same rule applies for cashing out as well. Also, it is very important to note that the dealers are not allowed to touch the customers, so do not hand your money to the dealer. The correct thing to do is place the money on the table where the dealer can reach it and ask for a change to chips.

Many of these bets will have some hardcore jargon. It will be helpful to learn what some of the terms are ahead of time and you can read them here on our craps dictionary page. When it is time to place a bet, you will want to put your chips in reach of the dealer and let them know what bet you want. For example, you can say something of the sort "Can I bet on the 7 on this roll please?". The dealer will then move the chips to the big red "any seven" spot on the table.

The free odds bets are actually not displayed on the table. In order to place the odds bet, just announce to the dealer: "Odds on my ten, please". The dealer will then take your chips and put them next to your original bet. Once you know the names of each bet, you can basically tell the dealer the name of the bet and they will place your bets in the appropriate spots. Once the dealer announces "The dice are out!" or "hands high!", you need to stop placing bets and make room for the shooter, who will throw the dice. When the dealer says this, that pretty much means keep the hands out of the table, off the rails and no more betting.

Tips on handling the dice

Dice issues are pretty important to craps etiquette. First of all, many people tend to handle the dice for too long. For example, the dealers let players throw the dice and an over-excited person may shake the dice for way too long. This can become annoying for all the other players, especially if they are shaking them for a whole minute with the false belief that this is somehow going to capture the essence of good luck! Just shake them a few times and throw them. It is also good etiquette to not blow on the dice too often. Some people (usually drunk people) have been known to even lick the dice or start coughing all over them. Nobody wants to be the next one to roll sloppy dice and the dealers do not like this if it is overdone as well.

Some serious rules apply to people handling the dice. Whatever you do, do not conceal or take the dice outside of the table. Dealers will think you are replacing them with fixed or rigged dice and may even throw you out of the casino. When a player throws the dice, they should gently toss them so that they hit the other side of the padded table. The dice need to hit the other side or else you may have to re-throw. Players should throw the dice with one hand, not both hands. Also, try to avoid hitting stacks of chips or the dealer and certainly do not throw them so hard that they break the mirror on the other end of the table!

Be careful around the table

One obvious etiquette is to not put your drinks in the table. If they fall over, the whole table gets soaked and it will take a long time to clean up. Craps tables usually have a spot under the rail where players can put their drinks. The same thing goes for smokers as well since dealer do not like it when ashes fall on the table or if a cigarette or cigar falls on the table and starts burning.

Civil courtesy, good behavior and manners

It is good etiquette to be a respectful player. A good tip is to not drink too much since no one wants to have a loud drunk at the table. Usually this is a common sense but this happens more often than many people think. In addition to this, do not laugh at people or start wildly cheering when they lose. When this is combined with alcohol, fights can erupt and no one wants to see the craps table falling over or breaking as well as chips and money flying all over.

For certain types of bets, there are two types of players. One is a "right" player who makes the pass line bet and is rooting for the shooter to win and then there is a "wrong" player who makes a don't pass bet and they are usually hoping the shooter loses. One thing to remember when there are "right" and "wrong" players playing is that when you win, someone else is going to lose. Celebration is normal, but do not overdo it. It would be bad etiquette if 12 people are "right" players and you are the only "wrong" player and you win, then being wildly jumping and cheering when everyone else on the table loses, perhaps thousands of dollars!

Respecting and Tipping the Dealer

Obviously it is good etiquette to tip the dealer when you leave. When you leave a tip, the correct thing to do is drop some chips on the table and announce "for the house" and they will know that this means you are tipping them. Also, you do not want to throw your chips around the table or at the dealer either when you are making bets or tipping. The reason is the chips can start rolling all over the table and the dealers don't want to spend their time chasing chips around.

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