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The History of Casino Craps

The game of craps has ancient origins and it is not known exactly when it was invented. In fact, the game itself never existed with the name craps when it was first brought up. It used to be called Hazard a long time ago, at least during the time when the game was first being conceived. We all know that this game eventually morphed into one of the most exciting and best casino games in current day American and throughout the world.

It is thought that the game originated perhaps 1000s of years ago during the time of the Roman Empire when the military Legion invented a game of dice. Back in those days, dice were made out of animal bones and sliced into cube-like shapes, at least with the six sided dice. So in one way, this explains why most dice are white, because of the color of bone. This also explains the term "roll the bones", which you may have heard at one time or another in a dice game. It is not known exactly what game the Romans played or whether the dice had numbers on them, but this seems to be some of the earliest games involving dice, which is the foundation of craps.

Centuries later, Hazard was invented in Old English Europe and was typically played by elites and aristocrats. It was actually a complicated game and even more so than craps itself. There is evidence that this game was invented around the 14th century, but it was mostly popular in the 1700s and 1800s. Many of the same rules of Hazard are found in craps also. For instance, players can lose on a throw of a 2, 3 or 12 and also win with a 7 or 11 automatically. This same rule applies to the craps pass line bet.

Eventually, this game made its way to the Americas around 1813. Particularly, was introduced to North American in the French Quarters areas of Louisiana and New Orleans. Interestingly enough, European roulette was introduced to America in the same French areas of New Orleans at around the same time, and eventually morphed into American roulette. A man name Bernard de Mandeville was the one who really changed the game of Hazard into the craps that we know today. The word craps is actually a nickname of the game Hazard and is a French word that means "crabs". The game spread northward and throughout the rest of the US. Players eventually exploited a problem with the game with fixed dice and the wagering system.

This problem of cheating was solved by John H. Winn when he evolved the game even more by adding a new type of bet called the "Don't Pass" line. It allowed players to now wager for or against the dice thrower instead of betting only for the dealer. Basically this made certain fixed dice become obsolete.

After this time, the game gradually became more popular in the country. The game really became mainstream during the times of World War II when soldiers played craps for gambling and entertainment. Ironically the same way the Roman Legionnaires did thousands of years ago! Eventually this became the most popular casino game in the world until around the 1980s and 1990s. At this time, electronic slot machines and video poker became the new king of gambling because of how easy they were to play. Still, this game is highly popular because it has much better odds than any other game out there.

Today, this game can be played online and you can practice craps for free here on our site. Also a great part of craps, there are many rules to the game and there is a wide variety of different bets and wagers a player can make, each with its own advantages. Online craps and even mobile craps will become the future of the game once mobile casinos can support the game. Either way, this is one of the most exciting games to play at a casino.

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