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Craps Superstition Facts and Legends

All gambling games have special superstitions that players have about luck and the devil. Some players believe in the type of voodoo that can influence the outcome of the game as well. But craps is actually one of the most superstitious games of them all. One major common element of this game is the fact that the players themselves get to hold the dice and roll them rather than the house. Each person is different and serious (yet superstitious) players actually think that they can influence the luck and fate of this game. Most people don't believe in some of these silly explanations of reasoning, but they are interesting enough to write about.

Virgin players can be good or bad luck - The context of term virgin in this case isn't necessarily implying if you are really a virgin or not. It is just in regards to if you have ever played craps before. So this superstition is related to first time players of craps. If a "virgin" male comes to the table and starts rolling the dice, the superstition says he will be brining bad luck to the table. In contrast, if a "virgin" female begins playing for the first time at a craps table, she is supposed to bring good luck. This is actually where the term Lady Luck originates.

The next roll will be unlucky if the dice leave or fly out of the table - This usually happens if someone does not roll the dice correctly and they bounce out onto the floor or if an inexperienced player handles them outside the table. The superstition is that the next roll will be bad. Though, the actual fact is some players could get in trouble by the casino if they conceal the dice at anytime or walk away with the dice for a short period of time. Mostly due to fears that the player will switch them with fixed dice. This is probably how the superstition originated. Another reasoning is that it can break the rhythm of the game.

Do not touch the shooter when they are hot - If a shooter is rolling very well and everyone is winning, you are not supposed to touch them. It is sort of like disturbing the essence or Zen of good luck in a player if they are in a hot streak. Also, the shooter may lose concentration or act differently if people start touching them so there could be some scientific reasoning to this! Though that is unlikely.

Never mention the number "7" by name - This is a long time superstition and it actually resonates interestingly with something from the Harry Potter books. Recall "He who must not be named", who is actually Lord Voldemort. The superstition is that players should never mention the number seven by name, but refer to it as "it" or "the devil" instead unless you want the luck to change.

Wrong bettors increase 7 come out rolls - There are certain players known as "wrong" bettors who will lose when a seven is thrown in the come out rolls. The myth is that the number 7 will be rolled more frequently when more players bet on the don't pass line or when more of them are "wrong". In one way though, the "right" players will win more often when the 7 is thrown on the come out roll.

Warm and cold dice - You never want to be the first person playing at the table or the only player there. The superstition says that players should warm up the dice for awhile with many players and many throws, otherwise cold dice are bad luck. This also relates to when the dice get thrown out of the table because the house usually has to replace them with new "cold" dice. If this happens, players sometimes will announce "same dice" in order to keep the warm dice playing.

Do not hit a chip stack - In one way, this could be bad luck for wrong bettors and good luck for right bettors. If the dice get thrown and they knock over a bunch of chips, the legend says that a roll of a 7 will be near.

The dice hitting a person's hands - Sometimes you will hear a player shout out: "watch your hands". There is a superstition that mentions a change of luck if the thrown dice hit someone's hands. In fact, some players will even request that the dealers put in some new cold dice if something like this happens!

Mathematically, none of these actions above should affect the outcome of the dice since the dice have no memory of previous throws. It's all about the odds and random throw. Also, you may have mentioned that the number 7 is a huge factor in many of the superstitious legends and it usually involves suddenly going from a lot of sevens to none being rolled for a long time, or vice versa. One thing to remember is that the number 7 is mathematically the most probable number to show up on a roll because it has the most possible combinations available.

Many customers could be complaining about bad luck due to these superstitions. Though, if you follow the actual patterns, that same player should theoretically be able to switch between "right" and "wrong" betting positions and have luck all the time if the voodoo magic was real by that same logic. Especially if some action arises and ratio of "come out 7" flips, you could easily flip to the other side of "right" or "wrong" betting with the pass lines.

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