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2 and 12 - Hi Lo Craps Bet

The Hi-Lo craps bet is basically the same thing as betting on the shooter rolling a 2 or 12. If any of these two numbers show up, then you win the Hi Lo bet. Not all casinos have this bet on the table or display it on the layout, but some do. Also, throwing a 2 or 12 are both infrequent and the name comes from 12 being the highest number and 2 being the lowest number you can throw in a dice game.

The odds are exactly the same as the Yo or Ace-Deuce bet. There is a 1 in 36 chance of rolling a 2 and the same chance of rolling a 12. Getting either one of them would mean a 2 in 36 chance with actual odds of 17:1. The house pays out 15:1 money, which leaves a fairly large 11.11% house edge. Remember, the larger the house edge, the more money the player loses and the more quickly this happens. 11.11% is pretty high for any casino game.

I tried to provide a screenshot of what the Hi Lo bet looks like on the craps layout. Unfortunately, this flash game did not include this bet in the game. Basically I put a stack of chips on boxcars and snake eyes, which are the two numbers involved in the High/Low wager. At a real casino, you can just tell the dealer that you want a Hi-Lo bet and they will put your chips on the intersection line between 2 and 12. If any of those two numbers appears, you will win 15 times your bet. In the image below, I put an $88 chip stack on both 2 and 12. So just imagine this as putting a single $88 stack on a combined area of these two bets.

hi low bet
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