Going on a little break from craps for awhile

Well, today is one of the first days of Spring and this blog has been updated daily for about a month straight now, so I think it is time for a little break. I should be back on here any time between a few weeks or a few months from now to update it some more, add new content and get some of the latest promotions for casinos.

Currently, I am working on another one of my sites exclusively related to blackjack and poker. Obviously, this will require a lot of writing and work so this is one of the reason I’ve decided to take a break from craps for a little while.

If you have learned anything valuable off of this blog or on the rest of the site, please link back to us from your websites, blog, Twitter or any other way as this will help us become more well known. Also bookmark us and visit us sometime in the future when the blog becomes active again, which hopefully will not be too long!