Using stance and standing positions with precision dice shooting

The next article I wrote about dice control has to do with posture, stance and standing positions. This is sort of important but not the entire story. Basically the whole idea is to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly in order to throw the dice straight and level with the table. Some positions on the table will give you a better advantage than others.

For instance, there are two common types of stance known as the bender and the upright stance. Basically they are the same thing where the player just stands as close to the wall as possible in order to get as close to the opposite wall. This means you do not have to throw the dice as far. Spread your feet one shoulder length apart. If you are right handed, then put your left hand on the rail and lean forward as much as possible and toss the dice with your right hand. Just reverse the positions if you are left handed. The difference between the upright stance and the bender is the fact that when using the bender, you put your elbow on the rail instead of your hand, which requires you to bend down more.

Two other positions are known as stick right and stick left. These are positions that you take relative to the stick man, who is one of the dealers in positioned in the middle of the table. In the stick right, you try to get to the right side of the stickman and it works great if you are left handed. Stick left is great for right handed people who will be positioned immediately left of the stickman.

While these stances can be great for craps dice control and precision shooting, the main goal is to feel comfortable. Each person is different so these stances can be altered so that you can add or subtract a few elements to produce your own stance. So as long as you are in a good position for throwing, you should be fine. Although, if you are comfortable but the dice are not being thrown accurately, then you should review your stance in order to make your shooting more successful. Read the article on this site mentioned above to learn many more details about this subject.