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Precision shooting strategy and craps money management

My latest guide for precision shooting is about dice control strategy and bet management. Using good money management works well in any type of casino game, but it is especially important in craps when you are doing dice control. The same also goes for strategy when making bets since some bets will be more rewarding for this particular method.

Depending on whether you are trying to throw sevens or not throw them, there is a concept explained in the guide known as 7 exposure. It is a strategy related to how much money you are willing to lose when rolling a seven. This exposure is basically a percentage of your bankroll and is equal to what you think your overall edge is over the casino and the house. It is kind of hard to find this, but the general concept shows that when you have a good shooter who can really control the dice, your percentage gets higher and so does your 7 exposure. For example, if you have a $5,000 bankroll and the 7 exposure is 10% (which is ridiculously high), when you would be willing to lose $500 if you rolled a seven.

Of course this is not as important if you are actually trying to roll a seven. Now another betting strategy that you should take advantage of is when you are rolling more numbers with higher frequency in craps. For instance, you might be the lucky one who can easily shoot snake eyes or box cars (2 or 12). If you can set the dice correctly and precisely throw them perfectly, you can make a ton of money. The actual odds of throwing any of these two numbers is 1 in 36 rolls and it pays out $30 for every $1 bet, which actually has a high house edge and is normally a bad deal bet. If you can learn to throw any of these numbers and get them to land consistently with the rate of 1 in 15 throws or 1 in 20 throws, you can make a lot of money.

If there are other craps shooters out there, watch what they are trying to roll, if you notice that they keep messing up and not getting their desired number, but they keep landing on some other unintended number, this is known as the shooter’s signature number. This is a result of the shooter doing something wrong with their throw consistently enough (or something right as well), that they land on the same numbers over and over again. In some cases, the player may not even realize this and it happens often. So watch for any signature numbers and take advantage of it in your betting strategy. Lastly, you can learn even more by checking out the full length article on our site mentioned above.

Using stance and standing positions with precision dice shooting

The next article I wrote about dice control has to do with posture, stance and standing positions. This is sort of important but not the entire story. Basically the whole idea is to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly in order to throw the dice straight and level with the table. Some positions on the table will give you a better advantage than others.

For instance, there are two common types of stance known as the bender and the upright stance. Basically they are the same thing where the player just stands as close to the wall as possible in order to get as close to the opposite wall. This means you do not have to throw the dice as far. Spread your feet one shoulder length apart. If you are right handed, then put your left hand on the rail and lean forward as much as possible and toss the dice with your right hand. Just reverse the positions if you are left handed. The difference between the upright stance and the bender is the fact that when using the bender, you put your elbow on the rail instead of your hand, which requires you to bend down more.

Two other positions are known as stick right and stick left. These are positions that you take relative to the stick man, who is one of the dealers in positioned in the middle of the table. In the stick right, you try to get to the right side of the stickman and it works great if you are left handed. Stick left is great for right handed people who will be positioned immediately left of the stickman.

While these stances can be great for craps dice control and precision shooting, the main goal is to feel comfortable. Each person is different so these stances can be altered so that you can add or subtract a few elements to produce your own stance. So as long as you are in a good position for throwing, you should be fine. Although, if you are comfortable but the dice are not being thrown accurately, then you should review your stance in order to make your shooting more successful. Read the article on this site mentioned above to learn many more details about this subject.

Is it possible to play craps for a living?

Playing craps or any casino game for that matter is a dream for many. It is better, more fun and more luxurious than working at an office or doing a desk job in a cubicle. Many people thing this is just a dream or fantasy, but it is very possible and is very real for some people out there. The big requirement is you actually do have to put in a lot of work and effort in order to make a living and a lot of money at craps. If you are thinking that I will just come up with some “get rich quick” craps system (which never works by the way), that is not the case. There is a different way to do it using methods that are not directly related to the game itself!

The first thing anyone should do is play the game and know everything about it, such as knowing what all the best wagers are, the house edge and probabilities. Once you got that down, then you must learn about dice control if you ever want to make guaranteed money. It is a skill similar to dice or bowling where you are trying to throw the dice and get them to land on specific numbers. This is why I said the method really doesn’t have anything to do with the game of craps, it’s just using dexterity to roll the dice very precisely.

It is much harder than it seems and it will take months or perhaps years of practice, so do not quit your day job just yet. Technically, this isn’t cheating and it is legal to do since anyone can use the same advantage. Craps players use dice control and precision shooting the same way blackjack players use card counting in order to get the advantage over a particular game. The good thing about dice control is you do not need to know mathematics! Still, you must not get caught since casinos will still kick you out, even though it is technically not cheating. Since they own the casino, they can do whatever they want to customers they do not like.

People actually have made a living and have gotten rich by playing craps but they had to get really good at dice control. Precision shooting is also safe and hard to catch, so these players can get away with it for many, many years at any casino they want. The normal betting systems you hear about never work since you are using methods of craps and playing by the house edge, which is set in stone if you are playing with pure random dice. The goal is to make the dice not so random and that is how you win. Read the articles and guides in that link above to learn all about ways to get real advantages over the casino.

Tips for craps dice control and precision shooter advantages

The next article related to player advantages is about dice control tips. The main concepts given here should help out precision dice throwers and better control of the dice while playing craps. Check out the article for all the tips and the more detailed explanations behind them.

One major tip is to find a table with a smaller crowd. The reason is that players will be less distracted and the shooter will be able to handle the dice more often. Although, you do not want to be the only person playing at a table because then all 4 dealers will have their attention exclusively on yourself! If this is the case, bring a few of your friends with. It is also good advice to network with other players and see if you can find other precision shooters at the table. That way you can make more money when you do not have control of the dice, of

A good practice guide for learning dice control methods

One of the next articles I wrote about was how to practice dice control. Many of the concepts in the article were designed for players who have never attempted precision shooting. The guide goes through skill levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced tips based on some of m own experience.

The most advisable thing to do when first starting off is to invest in a pair of actual transparent casino dice. Otherwise check out some casinos in the area, perhaps the ones you plan on winning money at, and see what equipment they have. Check out how long the craps table is and how high it is above the ground. Then when you get home, try to design with the same specifications to simulate the actual casino. Experts suggest using a flat bed or an elevated table with a cloth on it without the wall or fancy stuff yet. You need a soft surface since the hard surfaces do not resemble the real craps table and can chip the corners of the dice.

Next get a chair or something that you need to reach over to practice a natural throw, at least so it simulates a real craps table with the height. If you are just starting out, then tape or glue your dice together and practice throwing them. You should be watching your dice in the air and making sure they do not wobble when you throw them. The need to be straight and parallel to the table. 80% to 90% of your practicing will involved just throwing the dice straight and level.

Once you get good at this, then take the glue off so the dice are separated, but keep throwing them as if they were a solid piece. Make sure your dice sets are hard way numbers as this is a great way to see if you are doing anything wrong. View the article for the rest of the detailed explanations and links to see how to properly set the dice. Also check out the story to see what you do as an intermediate or advanced player at craps precision shooting.

Advantage tips for choosing the proper dice set

I wrote up a few more good articles about dice control these past few days and will be posting about them shortly. One article is about choosing the best dice set. This is actually an important concept of precision shooting because choosing the right set can make a huge difference in how your dice land after they have been thrown.

Basically, the dice set is how you set the dice in your hands before throwing them. For example, you can have hard way numbers such as 4, 6, 8, and 10 on each face of the dice combination. When you set them in your hand, both of them should be snug together so that it resembles a single rectangular piece consisting of both dice. So the top surface and have both 4’s showing (hard way 8). The ends of the dice, where the axis intersects and the shape is a square, the numbers 1 and 6 should be there. Using this dice set is perfect for practicing on your precision when you are first starting out so you can see how the dice are reacting. You never want to see a 1 or 6 show up or else you really need to practice more.

The above concept is known as correlation, or having some control of how then numbers appear. Both dice should be dependent on each other, otherwise if they were independent, it would be a completely random throw in which you have no effective control of the outcome. One of the most important concepts of precision shooting is to get the dice to at least get them to land on axis. It is even better if you can get them to “stop” on axis after hitting the wall, but this is more advanced.

Check out the article to learn about the rest of the concepts such as the seven to roll ratio (SRR) and double pitch, which are excellent indicators of how well you are learning dice control and what you need to be improving on. I added a picture of a typical dice set so you can see how you should be putting them together before a throw.

Learn about how dice get fixed or rigged

I wrote an interesting article about fixed, loaded and rigged craps dice that might be kind of interesting to read. It’s amazing how many different kinds of rigged dice there are and what types of clever tricks that cheaters will use to alter the performance of these dice. I listed about 20 different manipulations that are most common and there are hundreds more that could have been listed here as well.

The whole goal of fixing the dice is to get them to roll on certain numbers. This is one of the illegal forms of cheating unlike dice control, which is built and practiced as a skill. The dice are rigged so that they land on specific numbers. There are three main categories that I found as well that make up the majority of these crooked schemes!

The three types of dice are loaded dice, shaved dice and shaped dice. All the other kinds are basically subsets of these three main styles. A loaded dice usually consists of weight variations or something that alters the center of mass in a dice. For example, putting a small dumbbell inside a pair of dice to make one face heavier than the others so it will land on the surface of the craps table more often.

An example of a shaped dice is something that alters the form of the dice such as making the faces concave for convex. Also, cheaters can add slight variations of the ships like raised surfaces and even duplicate sides with the same number, sort of like a coin with both sides being heads.

Finally, a shaved dice is when you cut or rough up the dice in ways that certain sides “grab” onto the felt or cloth on the table, sort of like little hooks. The saw tooth edge or razor edge are two of the examples in the article that can do this. Other shaved variations include shaving off a side of the dice to make the whole general shape rectangular instead of cubic so the dice will land on the longer end instead of the short end. There are just tons of different little tricks that cheaters can do to the dice to rig them. In fact, some of them are clever enough to get away with even in modern casinos with transparent dice. Others are old and obvious finds as well.

Learning about how to cheat a craps and cheating techniques

I wrote another article a few days ago about cheating at craps. When I did some research, there was a few interesting techniques that I came across. First of all, I did not know it was so common that people would steal chips from other players at the craps tables. If you did the research, you will find quite a few cases on internet forums, blogs and message boards about people mysteriously losing chips after playing craps.

So how do these thieves get away with it? Usually they wait for inexperienced players and take advantage of their confusion over the game or their lack of attention on their own chips. Other times the crook will wait until there are a lot of people around the table and for the table to get hot. When this happens, people start getting excited and will celebrate loudly and possibly jump around a bit. Usually the focus will all be on the table and on the dice, but not on player’s chips sitting on the rail!

Stealing chips technically isn’t cheating at craps since this can be done in any type of casino and gambling game. The same goes with placing late bets at times when it is unnoticeable. Some of the real cheaters use fixed dice or dice that are rigged to benefit the player. Usually they are shaped differently or have weights inside of them in order to get the dice to land on certain numbers more often than others and you can read in the article how players can get these dice into the game as it is hard to do. There are a ton of ways to rig the dice and I will write an article soon with about 20 different ways to fix the dice.

Still, the safest form of cheating is learning dice control, as I talked about yesterday. Technically and legally, this isn’t cheating and players who can actually master dice setting can earn a lot of real respect, especially among the elite and advanced players. This is also one of the safest forms of “cheating” around because it is nearly impossible to get caught once you got the system down good enough where your throws look flawless and natural.

Craps dice control and dice setting techniques

A few days ago I wrote a large article and guide to dice control. I think you will find the bulk of your information there but I will definitely be adding a few more pages there that will go into more details and get into the specifics of controlling the dice. If you do not know what dice control is, I will explain a little bit about it.

Basically, this is just a technique used by “advantage players” as a way to gain an advantage to the game of craps. The methods used here lie in a type of grey area between legal and illegal as well as being a form of cheating. This is synonymous to how card counting works with blackjack. Technically, dice setting (or dice control) is not illegal, but casino still have the right to throw you out if you get caught.

The whole purpose of the strategy is to control which numbers the dice will land on when you throw them. It’s a lot like bowling, pool or darts where you need to fine tune your skill and learn how to precisely throw the dice so they land on a specific number. For example, you could make a ton of money by consistently throwing snake eyes or boxcars (the number 2 or 12), the same thing goes with the number 7, which is even easier to control because of the large number of combinations available.

All I can say is read that article and just keep on practicing because it takes some serious skill, which can result in some serious payouts as well. Really, the whole name of the game is to throw the dice on an axis. Basically you just need to line up both cubes so that they stack together into a rectangular block. Then you will want to throw them as a single piece and finally you will want the dice to fly through the air as a single piece as if they are glued together. You also want them to be thrown straight and level to the table so that they bounce at the same time. This is really the whole strategy.

You also want to throw them hard enough so that they bounce off the opposite wall of the table. Some general tips is to make the least amount of contact with the dice and to apply as less pressure as possible on them. All the specifics are in the article and they should be very helpful for beginners to get started and to learn what these techniques are all about.