Advantage tips for choosing the proper dice set

I wrote up a few more good articles about dice control these past few days and will be posting about them shortly. One article is about choosing the best dice set. This is actually an important concept of precision shooting because choosing the right set can make a huge difference in how your dice land after they have been thrown.

Basically, the dice set is how you set the dice in your hands before throwing them. For example, you can have hard way numbers such as 4, 6, 8, and 10 on each face of the dice combination. When you set them in your hand, both of them should be snug together so that it resembles a single rectangular piece consisting of both dice. So the top surface and have both 4’s showing (hard way 8). The ends of the dice, where the axis intersects and the shape is a square, the numbers 1 and 6 should be there. Using this dice set is perfect for practicing on your precision when you are first starting out so you can see how the dice are reacting. You never want to see a 1 or 6 show up or else you really need to practice more.

The above concept is known as correlation, or having some control of how then numbers appear. Both dice should be dependent on each other, otherwise if they were independent, it would be a completely random throw in which you have no effective control of the outcome. One of the most important concepts of precision shooting is to get the dice to at least get them to land on axis. It is even better if you can get them to “stop” on axis after hitting the wall, but this is more advanced.

Check out the article to learn about the rest of the concepts such as the seven to roll ratio (SRR) and double pitch, which are excellent indicators of how well you are learning dice control and what you need to be improving on. I added a picture of a typical dice set so you can see how you should be putting them together before a throw.