Won over $500 playing craps at the casino!

I hit up the casino again last night and one big at craps. Basically I did my normal don’t pass line bet with don’t pass odds for awhile winning even odds but then I decided to get a little risky towards the end of the night. I wagered $5 on snake eyes (rolling a 2)and the shooter actually rolled it the very next throw of the dice! We all know that pays out 30:1 odds so I won $150 right there on the spot.

That wasn’t all. My last bet of the night was to wager on boxcars, which had the same odds as snake eyes. I waited about a hour after I rolled the snake eyes in order to do this bet and this time I wagered $20 to get some big money betting for a single roll. I lost three times in a row and then the shooter actually rolled boxcars (rolled a 12)! Just from that I ended up winning a massive $600.

Even though these bets are mathematically some of the worst on the table, the can pay off big time when you just get lucky in the short run like I did last night. Like they say, when you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not. Last night was just a hot night and a lot of people at the table were winning big. Normally I do not make these large bets unless it’s towards the end of the night. Once in awhile I’ll win the big ones and it’s not that uncommon since the odds of winning are just 1 in 36 for the “end of the night” bet that I was doing.

Besides craps, I played some slots and won about $40 there and won $50 in roulette. The only thing I lost at was video poker with a loss of $30. Overall, it was a better than usual night and I came out ahead around $500 or so in profit, give or take a few bucks.