Is it possible to play craps for a living?

Playing craps or any casino game for that matter is a dream for many. It is better, more fun and more luxurious than working at an office or doing a desk job in a cubicle. Many people thing this is just a dream or fantasy, but it is very possible and is very real for some people out there. The big requirement is you actually do have to put in a lot of work and effort in order to make a living and a lot of money at craps. If you are thinking that I will just come up with some “get rich quick” craps system (which never works by the way), that is not the case. There is a different way to do it using methods that are not directly related to the game itself!

The first thing anyone should do is play the game and know everything about it, such as knowing what all the best wagers are, the house edge and probabilities. Once you got that down, then you must learn about dice control if you ever want to make guaranteed money. It is a skill similar to dice or bowling where you are trying to throw the dice and get them to land on specific numbers. This is why I said the method really doesn’t have anything to do with the game of craps, it’s just using dexterity to roll the dice very precisely.

It is much harder than it seems and it will take months or perhaps years of practice, so do not quit your day job just yet. Technically, this isn’t cheating and it is legal to do since anyone can use the same advantage. Craps players use dice control and precision shooting the same way blackjack players use card counting in order to get the advantage over a particular game. The good thing about dice control is you do not need to know mathematics! Still, you must not get caught since casinos will still kick you out, even though it is technically not cheating. Since they own the casino, they can do whatever they want to customers they do not like.

People actually have made a living and have gotten rich by playing craps but they had to get really good at dice control. Precision shooting is also safe and hard to catch, so these players can get away with it for many, many years at any casino they want. The normal betting systems you hear about never work since you are using methods of craps and playing by the house edge, which is set in stone if you are playing with pure random dice. The goal is to make the dice not so random and that is how you win. Read the articles and guides in that link above to learn all about ways to get real advantages over the casino.