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Using stance and standing positions with precision dice shooting

The next article I wrote about dice control has to do with posture, stance and standing positions. This is sort of important but not the entire story. Basically the whole idea is to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly in order to throw the dice straight and level with the table. Some positions on the table will give you a better advantage than others.

For instance, there are two common types of stance known as the bender and the upright stance. Basically they are the same thing where the player just stands as close to the wall as possible in order to get as close to the opposite wall. This means you do not have to throw the dice as far. Spread your feet one shoulder length apart. If you are right handed, then put your left hand on the rail and lean forward as much as possible and toss the dice with your right hand. Just reverse the positions if you are left handed. The difference between the upright stance and the bender is the fact that when using the bender, you put your elbow on the rail instead of your hand, which requires you to bend down more.

Two other positions are known as stick right and stick left. These are positions that you take relative to the stick man, who is one of the dealers in positioned in the middle of the table. In the stick right, you try to get to the right side of the stickman and it works great if you are left handed. Stick left is great for right handed people who will be positioned immediately left of the stickman.

While these stances can be great for craps dice control and precision shooting, the main goal is to feel comfortable. Each person is different so these stances can be altered so that you can add or subtract a few elements to produce your own stance. So as long as you are in a good position for throwing, you should be fine. Although, if you are comfortable but the dice are not being thrown accurately, then you should review your stance in order to make your shooting more successful. Read the article on this site mentioned above to learn many more details about this subject.

High Stakes Craps for High Rollers and VIP Players

I realize that there are a number of players out there looking for an adrenaline rush from some high stakes gambling. Of course Las Vegas has some ultra high limit craps tables as well as Atlantic City and a few big name casinos. The problem with these casinos is people end up having to plan long trips and take time out of their schedule to get to these places and this can be inconvenient for a number of reasons. So I will try to list a few online casinos that offer high table limits and large betting maximums.

A very exclusive online casino is located at CasinoMax. There is nothing like it on the internet. Normally you will see regular online casinos offer players VIP statuses, which will include additional comps and other various stuff. The VIP Lounge is exclusive only to the high stakes player with three tiers of VIP status. The benefits include very high betting limits but that isn’t all. Players can also customize their own tables and games to cater to their needs. In fact, it is sometimes possible for the casino to change the rules of the craps tables to offer better odds depending on the player.

Not only do players get their own customized casino craps games, they can also play any other casino game as well. There are some strict requirements even to be accepted into the CasinoMax VIP lounge, which you can read about in the link provided above. Players can actually get gifts and comps that are quite luxurious for internet casinos. In fact, some players have been known to receive full-paid vacations and trips to resorts just as a complementary. Other high rollers have gotten gifts mailed to them and even a car. Then of course there are the usual benefits such as great deposit bonus opportunities and a great comps point program.

The big advantage is that the CasinoMax VIP Lounge casino does accept US players! Even better is that very fast deposits can be made using a credit card! This casino is also compatible with Apple, Mac, iPhone and other mobile devices. There is also Cherry Jackpot, Slots Capital and Black Diamond Casino for players located in the United States and for credit card deposits. Personally, I really like the looks of CasinoMax better, even though these casinos are owned by the same company. They offer the same exclusive casino suite program that CasinoMax VIP Lounge has and they do offer higher betting limits than normal along with a $35,000 high roller bonus. High stake players are encouraged to visit these casinos and read more about their programs because promotions and rules change regularly.

Won over $500 playing craps at the casino!

I hit up the casino again last night and one big at craps. Basically I did my normal don’t pass line bet with don’t pass odds for awhile winning even odds but then I decided to get a little risky towards the end of the night. I wagered $5 on snake eyes (rolling a 2)and the shooter actually rolled it the very next throw of the dice! We all know that pays out 30:1 odds so I won $150 right there on the spot.

That wasn’t all. My last bet of the night was to wager on boxcars, which had the same odds as snake eyes. I waited about a hour after I rolled the snake eyes in order to do this bet and this time I wagered $20 to get some big money betting for a single roll. I lost three times in a row and then the shooter actually rolled boxcars (rolled a 12)! Just from that I ended up winning a massive $600.

Even though these bets are mathematically some of the worst on the table, the can pay off big time when you just get lucky in the short run like I did last night. Like they say, when you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not. Last night was just a hot night and a lot of people at the table were winning big. Normally I do not make these large bets unless it’s towards the end of the night. Once in awhile I’ll win the big ones and it’s not that uncommon since the odds of winning are just 1 in 36 for the “end of the night” bet that I was doing.

Besides craps, I played some slots and won about $40 there and won $50 in roulette. The only thing I lost at was video poker with a loss of $30. Overall, it was a better than usual night and I came out ahead around $500 or so in profit, give or take a few bucks.

Learn about how dice get fixed or rigged

I wrote an interesting article about fixed, loaded and rigged craps dice that might be kind of interesting to read. It’s amazing how many different kinds of rigged dice there are and what types of clever tricks that cheaters will use to alter the performance of these dice. I listed about 20 different manipulations that are most common and there are hundreds more that could have been listed here as well.

The whole goal of fixing the dice is to get them to roll on certain numbers. This is one of the illegal forms of cheating unlike dice control, which is built and practiced as a skill. The dice are rigged so that they land on specific numbers. There are three main categories that I found as well that make up the majority of these crooked schemes!

The three types of dice are loaded dice, shaved dice and shaped dice. All the other kinds are basically subsets of these three main styles. A loaded dice usually consists of weight variations or something that alters the center of mass in a dice. For example, putting a small dumbbell inside a pair of dice to make one face heavier than the others so it will land on the surface of the craps table more often.

An example of a shaped dice is something that alters the form of the dice such as making the faces concave for convex. Also, cheaters can add slight variations of the ships like raised surfaces and even duplicate sides with the same number, sort of like a coin with both sides being heads.

Finally, a shaved dice is when you cut or rough up the dice in ways that certain sides “grab” onto the felt or cloth on the table, sort of like little hooks. The saw tooth edge or razor edge are two of the examples in the article that can do this. Other shaved variations include shaving off a side of the dice to make the whole general shape rectangular instead of cubic so the dice will land on the longer end instead of the short end. There are just tons of different little tricks that cheaters can do to the dice to rig them. In fact, some of them are clever enough to get away with even in modern casinos with transparent dice. Others are old and obvious finds as well.

Learning about how to cheat a craps and cheating techniques

I wrote another article a few days ago about cheating at craps. When I did some research, there was a few interesting techniques that I came across. First of all, I did not know it was so common that people would steal chips from other players at the craps tables. If you did the research, you will find quite a few cases on internet forums, blogs and message boards about people mysteriously losing chips after playing craps.

So how do these thieves get away with it? Usually they wait for inexperienced players and take advantage of their confusion over the game or their lack of attention on their own chips. Other times the crook will wait until there are a lot of people around the table and for the table to get hot. When this happens, people start getting excited and will celebrate loudly and possibly jump around a bit. Usually the focus will all be on the table and on the dice, but not on player’s chips sitting on the rail!

Stealing chips technically isn’t cheating at craps since this can be done in any type of casino and gambling game. The same goes with placing late bets at times when it is unnoticeable. Some of the real cheaters use fixed dice or dice that are rigged to benefit the player. Usually they are shaped differently or have weights inside of them in order to get the dice to land on certain numbers more often than others and you can read in the article how players can get these dice into the game as it is hard to do. There are a ton of ways to rig the dice and I will write an article soon with about 20 different ways to fix the dice.

Still, the safest form of cheating is learning dice control, as I talked about yesterday. Technically and legally, this isn’t cheating and players who can actually master dice setting can earn a lot of real respect, especially among the elite and advanced players. This is also one of the safest forms of “cheating” around because it is nearly impossible to get caught once you got the system down good enough where your throws look flawless and natural.

Craps dice control and dice setting techniques

A few days ago I wrote a large article and guide to dice control. I think you will find the bulk of your information there but I will definitely be adding a few more pages there that will go into more details and get into the specifics of controlling the dice. If you do not know what dice control is, I will explain a little bit about it.

Basically, this is just a technique used by “advantage players” as a way to gain an advantage to the game of craps. The methods used here lie in a type of grey area between legal and illegal as well as being a form of cheating. This is synonymous to how card counting works with blackjack. Technically, dice setting (or dice control) is not illegal, but casino still have the right to throw you out if you get caught.

The whole purpose of the strategy is to control which numbers the dice will land on when you throw them. It’s a lot like bowling, pool or darts where you need to fine tune your skill and learn how to precisely throw the dice so they land on a specific number. For example, you could make a ton of money by consistently throwing snake eyes or boxcars (the number 2 or 12), the same thing goes with the number 7, which is even easier to control because of the large number of combinations available.

All I can say is read that article and just keep on practicing because it takes some serious skill, which can result in some serious payouts as well. Really, the whole name of the game is to throw the dice on an axis. Basically you just need to line up both cubes so that they stack together into a rectangular block. Then you will want to throw them as a single piece and finally you will want the dice to fly through the air as a single piece as if they are glued together. You also want them to be thrown straight and level to the table so that they bounce at the same time. This is really the whole strategy.

You also want to throw them hard enough so that they bounce off the opposite wall of the table. Some general tips is to make the least amount of contact with the dice and to apply as less pressure as possible on them. All the specifics are in the article and they should be very helpful for beginners to get started and to learn what these techniques are all about.

What kinds of craps bets work best with betting systems?

This is a very important topic that I think will benefit people who use betting systems. As you may already know, betting systems can be used in just about any casino game including craps. They are usually just patterns of styles of betting that players can do in order to manage bankrolls and risks. Some well known betting systems are the Martingale, Parlay, Paroli, Labouchere, Fibonacci and etc. All of these require an important element in order for them to work properly.

The main requirement is that players need to be wagering money on a bet that pays out even odds. That means the house edge must be as small as possible and the odds of winning being nearly 50:50. Some bets are better than others for these kinds of strategies because the house edge differs slightly.

For example, if you wagered on snake eyes, the house edge is 13.89% and pays out 30:1 odds. The big red seven bet has a house edge of 16.67% and pays out 4:1 odds. So which bet would work best with a betting system? First of all, the any seven bet would work much better because the odds are closer to 1:1 than the snake eye bet, even though the house edge is worse. Still, both of these bets are terrible for betting systems.

The key is to get something that pays out 1:1 odds or something that you can win with odds nearly equal to those of flipping a coin and betting whether it will land on heads or tails. Below is a list of the best craps bets to use with craps betting systems:

Pass Line – 1.44%

Don’t Pass Line – 1.36%

Come – 1.44%

Don’t Come – 1.36%

Each of these bets pays 1:1 even odds and can be increased even better when including the free odds. Always remember that the house edge doesn’t mean much. Even if the any sevens bet paid 5:1 odds with 0% house edge (one of the best in the house), it would apply terribly with a betting system. For instance, if you used the Martingale craps system here, you would have to lose 5 times on average before finally winning, which means you would have to double your bets five times. It is already risky enough using Martingale when you lose 1 out of 2 times! Imagine doing that with the snake eyes bet when you lose 35 times for every win.

Although, when you find all of the 1:1 payout bets, the one with the lowest house edge is the better one because you win more often in the long run. For instance, the don’t pass and don’t come bets are the ideal ones (I always play the don’t pass bet). The free odds increases your advantage against the house, but you probably don’t want to uses these in one of the basic systems yet because it gets complicated when some bets you are allowed to place them and in others you are not. Plus the amount of money you are betting is directly related to how much you need to bet on the odds bet and that can throw your whole system off. I will try to include a few advanced systems specifically for craps in the future though.

My night trying out some craps gambling moves

I headed back out to the casino last night to try out some craps again. This time I only got $20 in free bonus money from the casino, but it’s better than nothing! One thing I wanted to see is if this casino had some different variations to the normal craps rules that I’ve been talking about. As expected they have all of the same rules and all of the various types of bets, except for the fire bet of course.

Although, on Friday nights they actually do change the rules a bit by letting players win 5 for 1 odds on any seven (the big red bet) and a payout of 8 for 1 on the any craps bet. Both of these bets pay out true odds, which makes them the best bet in the house. This is why the casino allowed changes in the rules for one day out of the week. This basically attracts lots of people to the tables, including people who don’t know the game well. In the end, it makes a ton of money for the casino by just getting people in the doors and creating an exciting atmosphere.

If you have a craps table at your casino, it would probably be beneficial to see if they have any special nights like this. Even better, a casino in your area might make this rule permanent for every

Online casinos and craps for Macintosh users

If you use a Mac and you have been looking around for online casinos to play at, you may have noticed some problems getting the game to work on your computer. There is actually a few online casinos that I will show you that will be playable on the Macintosh operating system as well as the Windows XP and Vista. I will also explain why craps and other casino games sometimes do not work on the Mac.

First of all, many people decided to get a Mac because of the reputation for better security over the internet. In the old days, most people had Windows and computer hackers and virus makers knew this. They studied up on the operating system because they could hit a wider range of computer users and get more rewards for their work. The Mac on the other hand didn’t have many users, so hackers and “phishers” didn’t bother doing all the work to try learning another system, hence leaving the Mac users alone. This is one reason why the Macintosh nowadays seems to be much more secure, but that isn’t the whole story and it gets more complicated than that too.

Now for online casinos. Software developers for gambling systems built and engineered their programs to work with Windows and the application ran with the executable file extension “.exe”. Again, they didn’t bother developing a who separate program for Mac users at the time since everyone used Windows and Mac doesn’t use “.exe” files unless it has an emulator built in. So essentially, online casinos didn’t work on the Mac.

Now that Macintosh is taking a greater share of the customers, a few online casinos are designing their games to work with the Mac. CasinoMax and Black Diamond Casino happen to be some of my all time favorite casinos and they accept US players as well as Macintosh users! Both of these casinos are owned by the same company, which is highly reputable and uses Real Time Gaming software to power their games.

Players can also play with real money or just practice the games for free. They even have a VIP program as well for the high stakes players out there. One thing to note is if you are located in the United States, you should visit these sites and take a look at their payment methods. I know they accept US players but there are many banking options to use.

How to use the fire bet in craps

The fire bet isn’t actually a standard bet. In fact, not all casinos allow this bet on their tables. For the casinos that do, this is actually a type of side bet that is usually found on table games. Also, you will typically find tables that support this bet at the bigger casinos in Vegas or Atlantic City, but even some of the smaller ones will allow it.

Basically, this is a huge multi-roll bet. You want the shooter to throw point numbers on the come out roll and then hit those same point numbers again to end the round. There are only six available point numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. In order to win the jackpot or the entire fire bet, a shooter must throw all six individual point numbers on the come out roll and then “make” those points. Most importantly, the shooter must not roll a 7 or else the round ends and the whole cycle has to start over again.

Another thing to remember is if you establish “9” as the point and throw again before a seven, that would count as completing 1 of 6 points. After the “9” has been done, the dealer will place a fire marker on that number. If the shooter throws another 9 and clears the point a number of additional times, it still only counts as marking 1 of the 6 numbers. You still have to clear 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 as well, all without rolling a 7

The fire bet does not pay out for the first three points that are completed, but the payout odds are as follows:

4 points pays out 24:1

5 points pays out 249:1

6 points pays out 999:1

As you can see, players can win $1000 for every $1 bet. For example, if someone placed a $100 fire bet, they could win $100,000! Of course only the big casinos like those in Vegas would allow the betting limit for this side bet to be this high.