Online casinos and craps for Macintosh users

If you use a Mac and you have been looking around for online casinos to play at, you may have noticed some problems getting the game to work on your computer. There is actually a few online casinos that I will show you that will be playable on the Macintosh operating system as well as the Windows XP and Vista. I will also explain why craps and other casino games sometimes do not work on the Mac.

First of all, many people decided to get a Mac because of the reputation for better security over the internet. In the old days, most people had Windows and computer hackers and virus makers knew this. They studied up on the operating system because they could hit a wider range of computer users and get more rewards for their work. The Mac on the other hand didn’t have many users, so hackers and “phishers” didn’t bother doing all the work to try learning another system, hence leaving the Mac users alone. This is one reason why the Macintosh nowadays seems to be much more secure, but that isn’t the whole story and it gets more complicated than that too.

Now for online casinos. Software developers for gambling systems built and engineered their programs to work with Windows and the application ran with the executable file extension “.exe”. Again, they didn’t bother developing a who separate program for Mac users at the time since everyone used Windows and Mac doesn’t use “.exe” files unless it has an emulator built in. So essentially, online casinos didn’t work on the Mac.

Now that Macintosh is taking a greater share of the customers, a few online casinos are designing their games to work with the Mac. CasinoMax and Black Diamond Casino happen to be some of my all time favorite casinos and they accept US players as well as Macintosh users! Both of these casinos are owned by the same company, which is highly reputable and uses Real Time Gaming software to power their games.

Players can also play with real money or just practice the games for free. They even have a VIP program as well for the high stakes players out there. One thing to note is if you are located in the United States, you should visit these sites and take a look at their payment methods. I know they accept US players but there are many banking options to use.