My night trying out some craps gambling moves

I headed back out to the casino last night to try out some craps again. This time I only got $20 in free bonus money from the casino, but it’s better than nothing! One thing I wanted to see is if this casino had some different variations to the normal craps rules that I’ve been talking about. As expected they have all of the same rules and all of the various types of bets, except for the fire bet of course.

Although, on Friday nights they actually do change the rules a bit by letting players win 5 for 1 odds on any seven (the big red bet) and a payout of 8 for 1 on the any craps bet. Both of these bets pay out true odds, which makes them the best bet in the house. This is why the casino allowed changes in the rules for one day out of the week. This basically attracts lots of people to the tables, including people who don’t know the game well. In the end, it makes a ton of money for the casino by just getting people in the doors and creating an exciting atmosphere.

If you have a craps table at your casino, it would probably be beneficial to see if they have any special nights like this. Even better, a casino in your area might make this rule permanent for every  night. Now that I know this rule is available on Friday, I will probably come in more often that night when it is convenient.

Other than that great news, I continued playing with my favorite strategy, which is just betting on the don’t pass line and then taking maximum odds on every bet the whole night lol! I also wagered the minimum amount of $5 and tried formulating my own system but was too distracted by all the players talking to me and all the time between rolls. I will try to formulate it better than throw it on the blog sometime because I used to have a great system in the past that seemed to work well. Instead, I just reverted back to a form of the Parlay betting system which I will also write later on.

The results of betting on the don’t pass and maximum free odds gave me a profit of $60, but it was slow and took a lot of time due to the nearly 50:50 odds. I also used the free $20 and wagered it on my lucky 13 number on the roulette wheel at the end of the night like I usually do and of course I didn’t win. Still, it’s nice coming out $60 ahead by playing the best bet in craps.