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Using stance and standing positions with precision dice shooting

The next article I wrote about dice control has to do with posture, stance and standing positions. This is sort of important but not the entire story. Basically the whole idea is to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly in order to throw the dice straight and level with the table. Some positions on the table will give you a better advantage than others.

For instance, there are two common types of stance known as the bender and the upright stance. Basically they are the same thing where the player just stands as close to the wall as possible in order to get as close to the opposite wall. This means you do not have to throw the dice as far. Spread your feet one shoulder length apart. If you are right handed, then put your left hand on the rail and lean forward as much as possible and toss the dice with your right hand. Just reverse the positions if you are left handed. The difference between the upright stance and the bender is the fact that when using the bender, you put your elbow on the rail instead of your hand, which requires you to bend down more.

Two other positions are known as stick right and stick left. These are positions that you take relative to the stick man, who is one of the dealers in positioned in the middle of the table. In the stick right, you try to get to the right side of the stickman and it works great if you are left handed. Stick left is great for right handed people who will be positioned immediately left of the stickman.

While these stances can be great for craps dice control and precision shooting, the main goal is to feel comfortable. Each person is different so these stances can be altered so that you can add or subtract a few elements to produce your own stance. So as long as you are in a good position for throwing, you should be fine. Although, if you are comfortable but the dice are not being thrown accurately, then you should review your stance in order to make your shooting more successful. Read the article on this site mentioned above to learn many more details about this subject.

Tips for craps dice control and precision shooter advantages

The next article related to player advantages is about dice control tips. The main concepts given here should help out precision dice throwers and better control of the dice while playing craps. Check out the article for all the tips and the more detailed explanations behind them.

One major tip is to find a table with a smaller crowd. The reason is that players will be less distracted and the shooter will be able to handle the dice more often. Although, you do not want to be the only person playing at a table because then all 4 dealers will have their attention exclusively on yourself! If this is the case, bring a few of your friends with. It is also good advice to network with other players and see if you can find other precision shooters at the table. That way you can make more money when you do not have control of the dice, of

A good practice guide for learning dice control methods

One of the next articles I wrote about was how to practice dice control. Many of the concepts in the article were designed for players who have never attempted precision shooting. The guide goes through skill levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced tips based on some of m own experience.

The most advisable thing to do when first starting off is to invest in a pair of actual transparent casino dice. Otherwise check out some casinos in the area, perhaps the ones you plan on winning money at, and see what equipment they have. Check out how long the craps table is and how high it is above the ground. Then when you get home, try to design with the same specifications to simulate the actual casino. Experts suggest using a flat bed or an elevated table with a cloth on it without the wall or fancy stuff yet. You need a soft surface since the hard surfaces do not resemble the real craps table and can chip the corners of the dice.

Next get a chair or something that you need to reach over to practice a natural throw, at least so it simulates a real craps table with the height. If you are just starting out, then tape or glue your dice together and practice throwing them. You should be watching your dice in the air and making sure they do not wobble when you throw them. The need to be straight and parallel to the table. 80% to 90% of your practicing will involved just throwing the dice straight and level.

Once you get good at this, then take the glue off so the dice are separated, but keep throwing them as if they were a solid piece. Make sure your dice sets are hard way numbers as this is a great way to see if you are doing anything wrong. View the article for the rest of the detailed explanations and links to see how to properly set the dice. Also check out the story to see what you do as an intermediate or advanced player at craps precision shooting.

Advantage tips for choosing the proper dice set

I wrote up a few more good articles about dice control these past few days and will be posting about them shortly. One article is about choosing the best dice set. This is actually an important concept of precision shooting because choosing the right set can make a huge difference in how your dice land after they have been thrown.

Basically, the dice set is how you set the dice in your hands before throwing them. For example, you can have hard way numbers such as 4, 6, 8, and 10 on each face of the dice combination. When you set them in your hand, both of them should be snug together so that it resembles a single rectangular piece consisting of both dice. So the top surface and have both 4’s showing (hard way 8). The ends of the dice, where the axis intersects and the shape is a square, the numbers 1 and 6 should be there. Using this dice set is perfect for practicing on your precision when you are first starting out so you can see how the dice are reacting. You never want to see a 1 or 6 show up or else you really need to practice more.

The above concept is known as correlation, or having some control of how then numbers appear. Both dice should be dependent on each other, otherwise if they were independent, it would be a completely random throw in which you have no effective control of the outcome. One of the most important concepts of precision shooting is to get the dice to at least get them to land on axis. It is even better if you can get them to “stop” on axis after hitting the wall, but this is more advanced.

Check out the article to learn about the rest of the concepts such as the seven to roll ratio (SRR) and double pitch, which are excellent indicators of how well you are learning dice control and what you need to be improving on. I added a picture of a typical dice set so you can see how you should be putting them together before a throw.

No house edge for “big red” and any seven bets

Big red and any sevens is basically the same bet. When a player wagers on this bet, they are betting that the shooter will roll a seven on the very next roll, making this a single roll wager. If you win on the come out roll with a 7, players usually will win $4 for ever $1 bet or 4:1 payout odds. This leaves a huge house edge of 16.67% which makes this bet the worst one in the house and one of the worst ones in any game at the casino!

Wagers with really high house edges like this are usually common with the proposition betting options. The proposition bets are available in that area at the center of the table between the two identical major layouts where the line bets and points are. Basically the propositions are usually indicated with pictures of dice on the table layout and where you are allowed to bet on snake eyes, boxcars, etc.

So the title of this article says “no house edge” right? Well, as a matter of fact, some casinos have different rules that allow for changes in the payout odds. In fact, CasinoMax allows for 5:1 payouts or winning $5 for every $1 bet. Interestingly enough, the odds of rolling a seven have these same odds as well. When the actual odds of rolling something are the same as the payout odds, that means the difference between them is zero. This difference is also the house edge, which would be 0% as well.

This is known as being paid true odds and there is almost no bet in any casino game that will pay out true odds because the casino never profits from it since everyone has fair equal odds of winning. In the long run, everyone breaks even but players have a much better advantage in the short run than they would have with a house edge! Normally the big red 7 bet pays out 4:1 odds but that is why you should always be diligent of the rules because you could catch a hidden gem that not many people would know about. If the casinos alter the rule for this bet, they probably have for a few other bets as well. So if you see something like “any seven pays 5 for 1”, then this is an awesome deal!

Winning Craps Tips for Beginners and New Players

If you are a first time player, the first thing you will notice with the game of craps is how complicated it looks, just by the display of the table layout and all the fancy terms and jargon that you will see players use. Once you actually know even the basics, the game will become even easier to understand entirely and the bets will become much simpler to work with.

Tip 1 – The first word of advice is to learn how to play craps effectively. By learning the game, I mean understanding what each bet does and also learn what craps words mean as well. Click the links to read everything about the basics of the game and what everything is. Not only will you know how to place bets, but you will also learn which bets are good and what ones are bad. This is the biggest mistake of new players. It is also wide to ignore superstitions and false advice from other players who may not know what they are doing either.

Tip 2 – I would recommend staying away from proposition bets. Once you learn about the bets, you will know that the proposition wagers are those bets in the center of the table with names such as: snake eyes, boxcars, any craps, big red and etc. All of these have very large house edge, which means the casino will be taking a lot more money from you. Some casinos have different rules though, so these bets can actually become the best ones in the house. Though, you should stay away from these bets until your knowledge of the game is solid and you know which rules are good or not, which are explained on the pages here.

Tip 3Learn how to use good etiquette in craps. Not only will this make your experience at a real craps table more enjoyable, it will also avoid unintended casino security problems, such as unintentionally walking away from the table with the dice in your hands for example and having the casino get worried that you might be switching the dice with fixed ones!

Tip 4 – A good idea is to watch what everyone is doing on the craps table if you are unfamiliar. There is nothing wrong with walking up and just watching the game all night long. It is not a requirement that players must wager money on every roll of the dice either, so it is definitely good advice not to rush into the game or play too quickly.

Tip 5 – Take advantage of the free odds bet. You can use this bet once you learn about the come bet or the pass line bet. They pay out true odds, which means the casino has no house edge! If you don’t know what it means to be paid true odds, this would be something to study up on with our guides. When you get the knowledge and advance from a beginner to a more experience player, you will truly appreciate what true odds are and how craps is a one of a kind game that you will not find anywhere else. Not just in terms of fun and excitement but in mathematical odds and great chances of winning.

Tips on how to follow good craps etiquette

I forgot to mention yesterday that before I wrote an article about superstition in craps, I wrote a good guide for craps etiquette as well. This is actually an integral part of the game and is almost as important as the rules and the betting as well. At least this is true at land based casinos when you are playing live craps, versus the online game. Obviously you do not have to worry about etiquette if you are playing over the internet in your home.

As you might have known, big table games like crap, roulette and blackjack all become “social” games. Because of that, they will have unspoken social rules known as etiquette and each game has different etiquette. You can read the full guide to craps etiquette in the link above but I will mention just a few of the important tips.

One of the most important rules is to at least get some background of the game before playing. The reason is this game can be very complicated for a new player who knows nothing about the game. Even people who are playing may not even understand the entire game and all of the bets as well. This will save a lot of time since the questions you will end up asking the dealers and other players may end up being long and complicated. Of course there is no problem asking about something simple or specific in he game. The best thing to do if you are a new player is to watch the game from the rail, or bring a friend with you and play when it’s not busy. Besides, many people will sit at the rail and watch the game as a spectator and never play.

Another tip is to be on your best behavior and do not be too loud. This usually applies to people who drink too much and get a little over excited. Speaking of drinks, never put your drink on the table or inside the padded area since they could spill all over. The same goes with cigars and cigarettes. Usually a table will have some sort of slot or a place to put your drinks and smokes.

One thing you should never do is walk away with the dice or conceal them. There is a risk that people can switch the dice with fixed ones and casinos do not like it when the dice go out of view even for a moment. This also goes for dice that fly out of the table. If they fly in your direction, the best thing to do is let them fall on the ground but do not go after them unless the dealer tells you to since this is just another opportunity for a cheating player to switch them for fixed dice.

Now with etiquette in respect to the dealers. If you want to play craps, place your money on the table and ask to have it changed to chips. Never hand the money to the dealer since they are actually not allowed to touch the money or the player. Instead, just lay it on the table and they will give you chips. When making bets, never throw the chips around the table since they tend to roll all over and it can become a hassle for the dealers and take up more time if your chips get mixed in with other people’s bets.

Superstitions, legends and voodoo magic in craps

A few days ago I wrote an article on the main site about interesting superstitions and legends in the game of craps. Throughout this article, I wrote about a number of strange superstitions and actions that many people believe will change the luck of the game. Luck itself seems to be a mystery of sorts because you can see it and you can manipulate it, it just seems to happen at random, much like an act of God.

That’s where the voodoo and superstitious beliefs come in. People believe that oddball events can lead to arcane and divine intervention of the game and disrupt the “flow” of luck or the essence of Zen. For example, some people actually believe that if a shooter throws the dice down the table and those dice happen to hit someone’s hands, the luck of the game will change.

Another strange, yet silly legend has to do with the number seven. It is told that the luck will shift if you shout out the name “seven” while you are playing the game. In fact, the correct way to do it is to address “seven” as “it” or “the devil” in order to preserve the good luck on the craps table. There seems to be no logic to it since people are saying words and that shouldn’t affect the physics of rolling dice (unless there is voodoo magic in the works).

There are a number of strange things listed in this article I wrote, including the concept of “Lady Luck” that is known throughout the world and the gambling industry. Many of the superstitions revolve around the number seven and how frequently it will show up depending on what strange actions you take. Theoretically, by that same superstitious logic, you should be able to adjust your bet for or against the number seven whenever you see a luck changing action taking place such as the dice being tossed out of the table.

There is some science to it though, the number 7 on the dice actually is the most frequent number to be rolled because there are more combinations of the dice that can add up to 7 than any other number. The rarest numbers that show up most infrequently are 2 and 12 (snake eyes and box cars). There are some people that don’t understand this but the mathematics are fact in this respect if you look at the odds charts. For most people though, superstition is just a fun element to throw into the game and people will just play along with it because it makes the game more interesting. Either way, the casino is going to win in the long term! So enjoy some fun and go with the “essence” of luck in the short term.

Learn what different words mean in craps games

You may have heard strange phrases and words being used in craps. For instance, you may have heard players shouting out “snake eyes” or “boxcars”. Usually these terms are announced by the more experienced players who have been playing for awhile. Actually, snake eyes is a slang word for rolling a 2 and boxcars is jargon for rolling a 12. Even with integral parts of the game, such as the dealers, there are different terms for each one.

A couple of days ago I wrote up a small dictionary with definitions of terms for craps. So far there is a fairly nice sized list but I know that this doesn’t include all of the common terms yet since the game is so huge. If I forgot one, please add it to the comment and it’s definition and I’ll try adding it to the main dictionary.

The type of words you will normally hear when playing craps will be related to a type of bet, some specific dice outcome or an announcement that dealers and players will make. It is actually a good idea to read up on some of the common terms since they will frequently be part of the game. For example, the pass line bets and the don’t pass bets are very common in the game and there are a lot of different terms used for specific times of betting in a round.