Learn what different words mean in craps games

You may have heard strange phrases and words being used in craps. For instance, you may have heard players shouting out “snake eyes” or “boxcars”. Usually these terms are announced by the more experienced players who have been playing for awhile. Actually, snake eyes is a slang word for rolling a 2 and boxcars is jargon for rolling a 12. Even with integral parts of the game, such as the dealers, there are different terms for each one.

A couple of days ago I wrote up a small dictionary with definitions of terms for craps. So far there is a fairly nice sized list but I know that this doesn’t include all of the common terms yet since the game is so huge. If I forgot one, please add it to the comment and it’s definition and I’ll try adding it to the main dictionary.

The type of words you will normally hear when playing craps will be related to a type of bet, some specific dice outcome or an announcement that dealers and players will make. It is actually a good idea to read up on some of the common terms since they will frequently be part of the game. For example, the pass line bets and the don’t pass bets are very common in the game and there are a lot of different terms used for specific times of betting in a round.