Went to the casino to play craps and hung out

I usually head out to the casino on a regular basis and will write about it on the blog. I will try keeping the topics on craps on this blog and will write about the other games I play on my other blogs in order to keep things organized. I usually play all sorts of different games and stay for about 6 to 8 hours whenever I get the time off to go.

As for craps, I tried a little bit of all of the bets and tried getting used to the terms I was writing about the other day. To be honest, I haven’t been playing this game in quite awhile and I used to be extremely good at the game. Now I am actually getting the time to head out to the casino and play this game again so hopefully I can get my edge back!

I do recall my favorite bet that I used to win a lot at. I usually played the don’t pass line bet, which means I win when the shooter rolls a 2, or 3 and lose when the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. If a 12 is rolled, the bet usually results in a “push” or tie bet where my money is returned to me and a new round starts.

Since I was playing at a land based casino, there were many other people playing there as well and they all gather around the table. You will quickly find that craps is a social game much like roulette. Only this time the players are usually cheering for the shooter. Typically the pass line bet is for “right” bettors where you cheer for the dealer to pass. When you bet on the don’t pass line like myself, you would be known as a “wrong” bettor because you don’t want the shooter to pass on the come out roll. Many times I would be the one cheering when everyone loses, but of course I used good etiquette and did not do this. Although, I was not the only one wagering on the for the dice thrower to not pass.

There is some logic for what I’m doing though. The don’t pass line actually has a slightly lower house edge than the pass line. This means my mathematical odds increase, I lose less money and less frequently over the long run and I tend to win more often in the long run than I would on the pass line. I actually came out about $50 ahead when playing craps with $5 chips. Other than that, I also played roulette and slots throughout the night as well.

I did not try out the free odds bets, but I know this is related to the don’t pass line and it is the best bet in the house. I will try to write about this later on because it is extremely important for all players to know.