Tips on how to follow good craps etiquette

I forgot to mention yesterday that before I wrote an article about superstition in craps, I wrote a good guide for craps etiquette as well. This is actually an integral part of the game and is almost as important as the rules and the betting as well. At least this is true at land based casinos when you are playing live craps, versus the online game. Obviously you do not have to worry about etiquette if you are playing over the internet in your home.

As you might have known, big table games like crap, roulette and blackjack all become “social” games. Because of that, they will have unspoken social rules known as etiquette and each game has different etiquette. You can read the full guide to craps etiquette in the link above but I will mention just a few of the important tips.

One of the most important rules is to at least get some background of the game before playing. The reason is this game can be very complicated for a new player who knows nothing about the game. Even people who are playing may not even understand the entire game and all of the bets as well. This will save a lot of time since the questions you will end up asking the dealers and other players may end up being long and complicated. Of course there is no problem asking about something simple or specific in he game. The best thing to do if you are a new player is to watch the game from the rail, or bring a friend with you and play when it’s not busy. Besides, many people will sit at the rail and watch the game as a spectator and never play.

Another tip is to be on your best behavior and do not be too loud. This usually applies to people who drink too much and get a little over excited. Speaking of drinks, never put your drink on the table or inside the padded area since they could spill all over. The same goes with cigars and cigarettes. Usually a table will have some sort of slot or a place to put your drinks and smokes.

One thing you should never do is walk away with the dice or conceal them. There is a risk that people can switch the dice with fixed ones and casinos do not like it when the dice go out of view even for a moment. This also goes for dice that fly out of the table. If they fly in your direction, the best thing to do is let them fall on the ground but do not go after them unless the dealer tells you to since this is just another opportunity for a cheating player to switch them for fixed dice.

Now with etiquette in respect to the dealers. If you want to play craps, place your money on the table and ask to have it changed to chips. Never hand the money to the dealer since they are actually not allowed to touch the money or the player. Instead, just lay it on the table and they will give you chips. When making bets, never throw the chips around the table since they tend to roll all over and it can become a hassle for the dealers and take up more time if your chips get mixed in with other people’s bets.

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