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Craps Dice Control Stance, Posture and Position

Stance and posture is actually an important aspect of precision shooting. A player with good stance will have a much easier time with controlling the dice and will pick up on the techniques much quicker as well. Stance has a lot of influence on how your dice are being released and where they land after hitting the table.

In general, you would like to be as close as possible to the opposite wall of the table. This requires the players to make shorter tosses of the dice and the player has to use less energy. Then the dice do not have to be tossed as hard and as quickly, which makes gives you time to make a smooth and precise throw. Also, the dice are not going to have all that energy to slam off the wall and go all over the place either.

There are certain positions that players should stand at depending on whether they are left handed or right handed. This is a huge factor when it comes to dice control. One position is known as the stick right, which is where you stand immediately right of where the stickman is. This is a great spot if you are left handed and if you want to get as close to the back wall as possible. If you are right handed, then you would want to be positioned at stick left which is on the immediate left side of the stickman and you would be throwing at the opposite wall. These positions are as legally close as you can get to the wall as possible.

Most of the stance depends on how comfortable you are. If you are very uncomfortable of where you are standing, then switch sides or try another position on the table. Once you got your sweet spot, you will likely be throwing much easier and you will be more focused on shooting correctly. You also want to be in a position where you have free movement of the arm.

Positions for Right and Left Handed Shooters

I will first go through some effective stances and positions for right handed shooters. One of the well known postures is the upright stance. The properties of this stance include having your stomach right up to the rail and having your feet spread one shoulder length apart. Then put your left in a position on the rail and lean over as far as you can given that you are in a comfortable position. Then try to aim your dice so that they land around 6 inches from the wall and throw. Some players will stand on their toes to lean over further, which is meant to get as close to the wall as possible.

Another well known stance is the bender. This is exactly like the upright stance, except that you are placing your elbow on the rail instead of your hand. Now if you are left-handed, just reverse the positions in the stances above. Basically, it all comes down to comfort level again. Just experiment and figure out which one agrees with you the most.

If you are in a stick left or stick right position, your dice might be tossed at an angle. Players can correct for this by putting more rotation on the dice. The reason this might be cause is because the arm will probably not have room to do a pendulum swing with full proficiency. Another tip is to always stay focused on what you are doing and how you can correct for errors. Also think about what you are going to do next as well.

Overall, you should follow the general craps shooting guides here and figure out how to throw the dice precisely and straight. Once you got this down, then start looking for ways to get comfortable and throw more smoothly at the same time. Every person is different so some of the stances listed here are not going to be set in stone for every player. Usually, players just make up their own stance that fits them properly, but it is most important to make sure your dice control skills are not hindered in the slightest just for the compromise of comfort. Make sure you get the best of both worlds.

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