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Learn How to Cheat at Craps

Cheating at craps is just a way for players to get an advantage in the game that is normally not available to anyone else. Like with all forms of cheating, the main goal is to never get caught, especially in a casino or when you are playing for real money because it is illegal. You will likely get thrown out of the casino and possibly be sent to prison if it gets too serious.

Some methods explained here are technically legal and some are illegal, but all of them will not be looked upon too kindly by the casino. So the first thing we have to say is that we will not encourage or recommend that you cheat. If you do, we urge you to do it at your own risk when you have enough skill.

Stealing chips by theft

This is one of the easiest ways to cheat at craps. Basically, you aren't really cheating against the game itself, the casino or the dealers. Instead, players end up taking chips from the other players when they are not looking. This really isn't hard to believe and it happens more often than you would think. It works when things start getting exciting at the table and people lose focus of their chips that are lying on the rail. For example, people can all be looking down at the dice and cheering and not paying attention to their chips, making it perfect for cheaters to steal them.

Another way to cheat in craps this way is when you have inexperience players playing at the table. Thieves can take advantage of a confused player who is looking at the table trying to figure things out and is taking a lot of time not focused to their chips. Usually the cheaters will take a chip or two and slip it into their pockets. They still have to watch out for the "eye in the sky" camera, which could be watching everything and everyone's hands at the table.

Making late bets after the roll

This is one of the more riskier cheats to do in craps. Basically, a player can wait until after the shooter rolls the dice and then places a bet after the results are found. It is risky because everyone is usually looking down at the table and may see them putting chips on the table. Although, when things get very exciting after a big round, such as players cheering and celebrating, an avid cheater may take advantage of the environment and place a few chips on the winning bet.

Fixed and loaded dice

One way to cheat at craps is by using fixed dice, also known as loaded dice or gaffed dice. Basically these are specially designed dice with an improper center of mass or with rounded edges on them. The dice with round edges are known as shaped dice. The dice are made this way in order for them to land on certain numbers more often than others. Read the entire article about rigged and fixed dice to learn about all the variations used in making them.

Typically, the casino will have transparent red dice which allows people to see through them with the translucent effect. This is one way that casinos fight this type of cheating so that dealers can look inside to see if there are any weights. Some modern high tech methods allow for translucent dice with transparent weights of different materials as well, but this is not as common and it is hard to construct.

So if you do have fixed dice, cheaters will usually wait for an opportunity to switch the casino dice with the cheat dice. The most common opportunity arises when the dice fly outside and leave the table. Another way is for players to hold the dice and be "conveniently" distracted and turn away from the table. When they turn away, they can switch the dice quickly when you are turned away from everyone.

Most commonly though, the casino will replace any dice that leave the table, and even the sight of the dealer, with new dice. Usually, the dice will be checked as soon as something odd happens in order to see if they are loaded. You do not want to switch the dice only to have the dealer immediately check the dice to find them crooked!

Cheat sheet for craps

The craps cheat sheet really isn't a form of cheating and you certainly wouldn't get in trouble by bringing one into the casino. Basically a cheat sheet is just a simple piece of paper that shows what each craps bet is along with the payout odds, house edge, true odds, probabilities and payoffs. It is essentially just a reminder of what all the bets are and they are more convenient because of the additional data. In fact, you can use our craps bets and payout odds chart as a cheat sheet or some of the links on that page.

Setting the dice and dice control

This is one of the only legal forms of cheating and also one of the most effective. This is a skill that advanced players can develop and get good at, similar to darts or bowling in fact. Basically, you are using fair dice and using all of the available techniques that anyone else can use. Players can use a combination of dice grips and alignments of the dice in the hand in conjunction with straight and level delivery of the dice onto the table. The goal here is to throw the dice and have them land on any number that you want. The huge benefit of learning dice control is the fact that getting caught is nearly impossible unless your techniques become too obvious.

You can also visit another one of our pages to learn the basics of dice setting. The article will tell you the specifics and methods used as well as a step by step guide with links to visual pictures. If you are going to cheat, this would be the safest method to cheat at craps, but practice somewhere outside of the casino.

Do casinos cheat at craps?

This is a very good question that many people have been concerned about. To tell you the truth, the casino does not need to cheat because the game is already rigged in their favor! This is also the origins of the "house edge", which is part of every casino game except for a very few special bets in craps. The house edge is just a profit margin and that is how casinos make their money. So casinos do not need to cheat since they will always win over the long run.

To make you more comfortable, the laws are far stricter on cheating casinos than on cheating players. It would be too greedy for them to cheat since the odds are already in their favor anyways. If they got caught, their reputations would be severely damaged and the casino may even risk being shut down. It is very unlikely that they would cheat, even if they are online casinos. Cheating by the casinos is nothing you really need to worry about.

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