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Precision Dice Control Strategy, Betting and Money Management

Like all gambling games, craps can be won with a good money management system when combining it with dice control. As a matter of fact, using dice setting techniques along with a craps betting strategy will ensure that you beat the house. It is all about the mathematical house edge and minimizing it. Like with blackjack, you are trying to beat the casino by using card counting to increase your own edge over the casino so that you win in the long run. In craps, you are using dice control against an already very small house edge, making it much easier to win in the long run as an advantage player.

The first thing dice controllers need to do is formulate a strategy for money management and risk management. This includes determining your initial bankroll before you even begin playing craps. A good rule of thumb is to use as much money that you are willing to lose before walking away from the casino. This should be large enough to cover maximum odds bets and allow you to stay in for a number of bets in case you get a string of losses.

Using betting strategy with dice control

Now the thing you want to do is make wagers on bets that have a low house edge. You can view the house edge and odds for all craps bets to see which ones are the best. Normally the ones like the pass line and don't pass have the lowest edges and also pays out even odds but they usually require 3.4 rolls on average to complete. Place bets require an average of 3.3 rolls to complete but they have a slightly larger 1.52% house edge.

7 exposure is a risk management topic related to how much money you will lose when rolling a 7 and it is usually a percentage of your bankroll. Depending on how good the shooter is and what you think your edge is, you should set your 7 exposure to this edge. For instance, if you think you have a 2% edge and you are playing with a $1000 bankroll, then your 7 exposure should be $20.

Over 30% of your rolls will be come out rolls at the beginning of a craps round. There are a few bets that advanced players should take advantage of on these rolls. The first one is a combination of the place bet and the odds bet during a come out roll. You should be cautions because it can put up red flags to the dealers because this is not a standard type of bet that anyone would do except for shooters using dice setting techniques.

One of the better wagers to make is a come out 7 bet. There is a big advantage with trying to roll a seven because there are many combinations that can result in this number. This is great for precision shooters because there is some room for slight error. The problem is that some people can become so good at rolling a seven that you can blow your cover and get unwanted attention from the dealers.

Some of the best bets to drive away attention and to look more natural is to place pass line or come bets with maximum odds. The same goes for don't pass and don't come as well. These are awesome bets if you can seriously control the dice and especially "turn on" your shooting 7 skills and "turn off" these skills at will to your advantage. The simpler your bets are, the more easily you can concentrate on controlling the bets. Remember, the odds bet has a 0% house edge, so bet as much money as possible on these bets. Usually the casino will only allow you to make these bets 1, 2, or 3 times the size of your line bet. Some casinos in Vegas will go up to 100 times but this is rare.

Here is something else to think about in your craps betting strategy. If you can learn to roll snake eyes or boxcars (2 or 12) by precision shooting techniques, it can be very valuable. The payoffs are 30 to 1 or $30 for every $1 wager. Note that the true odds of rolling one of these two numbers is 1 in 36 rolls. The payouts are huge if you win the bet, so even if you partially get good at rolling these numbers, you can win. For instance, once you learn dice control, you might not be able to get it on every single roll, but you might get in once in 15 rolls, which leaves a HUGE edge in your favor and ensures massive profits in the long run for yourself! If you can guarantee that you can roll a 2 or 12 consistently in less than 30 rolls, then the profit margin falls in your favor and you turn the craps game into a personal ATM.

Setting bankroll and risk management

The first thing we will get back to is the 7 exposure concept since this is sort of important for dice control bankroll strategies. You should increase the size of your exposure when your shooting skills get higher or if there is an expert precision shooter at the table. You also have to make your exposure amounts relative to your bankroll size as well. For example, if you use 2% of your bankroll for seven exposure purposes and your total bankroll increases by 50% (big winnings and profits), then you should increase your exposure size by 50% as well in order to keep good bankroll management. The same thing goes for when the shooter starts getting bad rolls and the numbers decrease.

Believe it or not, some numbers tend to be thrown more easily than others. These are known as signature numbers. For instance, a shooter may not even be trying to shoot these numbers but they accidentally do it over and over again if they keep throwing the same way. If you notice this happening with someone, it may be wise to alter your bets for this particular number.

For a little more risk management advice: Remember that the dealers might find about your good dice control experience and you could be kicked out. Some good advice is to make some smaller bets and try to keep attention away from yourself. A problem can arise if other players know that you are a good shooter. Everyone might start betting big money and winning constantly along with your small wins. This is another risk that red flags will pop up and the dealers might start watching you more closely. When something like that does happen, it would be best to purposely lose a few times even though the other players will lose. If it becomes serious enough, it might be best to take a break and leave the craps table for awhile.

One other thing with precision shooting and strategies is that you will win money if you manage it effectively. So in summary, find tables with a smaller crowd in order to get control of the dice more often while also using social networking to find other precision shooters. That way you can still make money when the dice are not in your hands, only if the shooter is skilled enough of course. Most importantly, don't ruin your bankroll on bad bets. Be conservative to bet on things that have the best odds. Remember to be patient in the game because not every roll will go your way, but also do not go overboard and make yourself win on every single roll! Following these steps will ensure some good profits in the long run.

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