A good practice guide for learning dice control methods

One of the next articles I wrote about was how to practice dice control. Many of the concepts in the article were designed for players who have never attempted precision shooting. The guide goes through skill levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced tips based on some of m own experience.

The most advisable thing to do when first starting off is to invest in a pair of actual transparent casino dice. Otherwise check out some casinos in the area, perhaps the ones you plan on winning money at, and see what equipment they have. Check out how long the craps table is and how high it is above the ground. Then when you get home, try to design with the same specifications to simulate the actual casino. Experts suggest using a flat bed or an elevated table with a cloth on it without the wall or fancy stuff yet. You need a soft surface since the hard surfaces do not resemble the real craps table and can chip the corners of the dice.

Next get a chair or something that you need to reach over to practice a natural throw, at least so it simulates a real craps table with the height. If you are just starting out, then tape or glue your dice together and practice throwing them. You should be watching your dice in the air and making sure they do not wobble when you throw them. The need to be straight and parallel to the table. 80% to 90% of your practicing will involved just throwing the dice straight and level.

Once you get good at this, then take the glue off so the dice are separated, but keep throwing them as if they were a solid piece. Make sure your dice sets are hard way numbers as this is a great way to see if you are doing anything wrong. View the article for the rest of the detailed explanations and links to see how to properly set the dice. Also check out the story to see what you do as an intermediate or advanced player at craps precision shooting.