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Some basic betting rules in craps

Players can bet on just about anything in this game. All you are doing is throwing a pair of six-sided dice, so there are only 12 numbers you can bet on. The thing about craps though is there are special bets where you can bet on a range of numbers, or even just a single straight up number like 7 for example. There are a few major concepts that players should learn about the game before getting into specific bets though.

First of all, one of the most common bets in craps is the pass line bet. Here you are betting for the shooter or whoever is throwing the dice. If the dice land on a 2, 3, or 12, then the player will automatically lose the bet. If the dice lands on a 7 or 11, the player will automatically win and the round instantly ends. The payout odds are 1 to 1 on this kind of bet. Players can also make a don’t pass bet, which is basically the opposite of the pass line bet. As a matter of fact, this bet has better odds for the players and cuts the house edge down a notch. These bets are explained on other pages on this site and will be explained more throughout this blog. When the dice lands on a 2, 3, or 12, this is known as a craps.

So what if the dice doesn’t roll out to be 2, 3, 12 and 7, 11? Then any other number will become known as the point. Basically a marker will be placed on the table by the number that was rolled. For instance, these numbers could only be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The only way that the round can end is when the dice lands on the point number once again or the 7. Theoretically, the round could last indefinitely if the dice never lands on these two numbers. Something to note is that the number 7 has the most favorable odds of being rolled, so the odds are in favor of the 7 being rolled before the point number. Take a look at our probability charts to understand which numbers on the dice will be rolled and how frequently.

Before the round ends, the dice can be thrown numerous times and players can continue making all sorts of different bets at any time. Eventually if the point is rolled, the dealer will take the marker back again and players will be allowed to make new pass line bets again. The same thing happens if a seven is rolled. These are really the basic rules of the game, but there are tons of other side bets and even some that will improve your odds greatly and cut the house edge to zero!

A history of the casino game of craps

I just wrote a detailed article about the history of craps on our website. Check out the link to read the details about it. I will post a short summary of the article below because this game is so interesting and the history is quite fascinating.

The history of craps may seem like a mystery because of how complicated the game looks and all of the different colorful betting options available to players. In fact, most dice games originated thousands of years ago during the times ancient Rome when Roman Legions used to play dice as a form of entertainment. Dice is actually the foundational element of craps.

A game called Hazard was invented in Europe centuries later in the 1500s and become popular among the Royalty in the 1700s and 1800s. Eventually this game came overseas to the Americas around 1813. Like roulette, this game also seems to have been based in the French Quarters area of New Orleans during this time before it transformed into the US and modern version of craps that we see today.

Hazard happens to have many of the same rules as modern craps, but many new features and betting options were added and the game transformed into craps. It stayed like that for nearly 200 years as the game become gradually more popular throughout the world. It wasn’t until World War II that the game really peaked in popularity. In fact, many older people from this generation would probably know this game and had played it at one time or another.

In fact, craps is actually the best game in the casino in terms of odds. The catch is that many people avoid this game because it seems too complicated to learn and they stray off to slot machine games. This is exactly what happened in the 1980s and 1990s when the electronic slot machines overtook craps as the most popular game at the casino, even though the odds were worse with these games and you lost money more frequently and quickly except for a few million dollar jackpots here and there!

Still, craps is an extremely exciting “social” game where everyone gathers around the table and players are allowed to throw the dice. This game will remain greatly popular in the future and at online casinos. What is great about online casinos is the fact that players can practice the game online for free without risking money. You can actually visit our free flash craps page and practice the game in your browser in full screen and see why this game has been exciting throughout the history between ancient days and modern times.

A little bit about craps – What is craps?

If you didn’t already know, craps is a type of gambling game found in many casinos, both online and off line. In fact, craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world. One reason why this game is so popular is because the house edge is extremely small. This means that your odds of winning are much greater and the casino won’t take as much money from you over time.

Craps is also a social game like roulette. The game consists of a large table with high padded rims and a pair of dice that are to be thrown. There are a few important people involved in managing the game as well. First, there are two dealers known as base dealers. These dealers are responsible for moving the chips around and paying off bets. Normally a craps table will have two large betting areas to allow for more people to play. As you may guess, this is actually a very large table.

That is not all, there is also a stickman who stands between the base dealers and they are responsible for the bets that are placed in the center area of the table. They also announce the results and collect the dice with a long stick. Across from the stickman is the boxman, who is responsible for protecting and guarding the chips on the table. All in all, there are 4 people or “dealers” running a craps table.

I have included a picture of a craps table below, which should illustrate the basic setup and where the dealers would be located:

a basic craps table

Note that not all casinos have the same rules so there may not be all of these dealers present at a table, especially if it’s not busy. Another neat thing about craps is players can actually throw the dice themselves. The person who throws the dice is known as the shooter.

This game might appear complicated, but it really isn’t. Of course the table has interesting and arcane looking symbols and bets available, but once you realize what they all mean, you will be able to easily see which bets are best and which are not. In fact, there are some bets that are just pure highway robbery with massive house edges. There are also “secret” bets not even displayed on the table and these have some of the best odds in any game in the casino! Read some of our blog posts or explore the links on the sidebar to learn the more intermediate and advanced details of the game. Once you understand this game, you’ll have some massive advantages. In fact, there is a certain bet with zero house edge and it pays out fair even odds! – Our New Casino Craps Blog

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