Why US Players Find it Hard to Gamble and Play Craps Online

This is an important topic for players located in the United States. You probably have tried gambling at online casinos over the past few years only to realize that there is a certain anti-gaming law. If you are a US citizen or player, there are a few important things you should know about this law and what it means to you as a gambler.

First of all, it is not illegal for US players to gamble. Any law like that would be blasphemy against the US constitution because no one can tell you what you can or cannot do with your own money in your own home. The law is actually directed at the US banking system instead and it works in a kind of loophole around the constitution. In one way, this law bans or impedes gambling indirectly.

Basically, the law restricts the banks from transferring money from players to casinos. It is also the banks who get punished by this law in the end and that is why many e-teller players like Neteller and big name companies like this decided to follow through and ban this kind of transaction. There are still smaller banking places that you can use over the internet who cannot be touched by this law and this is how US players can finally get back into the action of gambling.

Still, many casinos will not allow US players because it is inconvenient for them to work with smaller banks and constantly change their payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Though, CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot casinos are some of the best gambling places around that allow US players nowadays and I would recommend checking them out if you are a US based visitor and even for people outside of the USA. Another great benefit about these two casinos is they allow deposits by credit card. You would need to check out which other payment methods are available on these sites because there are many of them available and the list changes regularly. I know these two casinos, owned by the same company, have been known to have very convenient and quick services for US players as well.

So the bottom line is the anti-gaming laws, at least in the US, do not ban online gambling. They just make it harder for people to play online and many US players give up trying to play at online casinos due to frustrations and slow response time. The good news is that the US Congress is talking about rolling back these laws soon, so we will be keeping an eye on it in the future.