Getting some bonuses for playing at the casino

One thing you should always take advantage of when going to a land based “brick and mortar” casino is their bonuses. Usually these are different than online casinos in that they just give you free money with no strings attached. Though these types of bonuses are usually smaller since they do not require a deposit or anything like that.

Last night when I went to the casino, they gave me $40 in free money. It was as simple as living in an odd or even zip code. For instance, many of these casinos will give out something like $20 for odd ball reasons like an odd or even birthday or license number and this alternates every other day as well in order to attract people to come to the casino.

Also, they gave another $20 out because of having an odd or even age as well! It just depends on what casino you are going to and what kinds of promotions they offer. The casino I go to actually gives out as much as $100 in a single night if a player has all the numbers lined up, which you would have to be pretty lucky to qualify for every bonus they are offering on a single given night.

They will also give out special bonuses on your birthday. Almost every casino has a program like this too, though last night was not my birthday so I did not get a bonus. I did remember to bring my comps card, which I talked about a few times on my other roulette game blog so they were able to automatically scan my card and put in the bonus money into that. You can put the card into the electronic slot machines and use the money right there. Though if you are playing a game like craps, you can go to the teller and they will just swipe the card and give you cash, which you can bring to the craps table and have the dealers exchange for chips. Don’t forget about these bonuses, they work out great if you take advantage of them!